Monday, January 31, 2011

Such a busy day!!!

Why is it that days off always fly by but work drags?? I just had two days off and they seemed to go by in a flash. I didn't even really get to enjoy them by relaxing we were go go go! Today we got up and I went straight to the eye dr to order prescription sunglasses then came home and went on a unintentional cleaning mission. Hubs and I spent the whole day cleaning and organizing and getting rid of so much junk, it was nice to de clutter a little bit, but we still have more to go. Before I knew it it was time for Zumba. Monday Zumba is my fave workout class of the week and it seems to fly by. I love the music and the moves it's just a lot of fun. Then my friend invited me to go to a kickboxing class with her and hour after zumba ended and I decided to do it. It wasn't as intense as the zumba was but I still had fun. I think I may start doing that every monday after zumba. looking forward to spin express tomorrow but I'm pooped and I have to work the next five days time to get some rest.

Onto 30 day's of pics now up to
Day 17.
A picture of something that has made a huge impact on your life recently
So far I have had great success with ww down 11lbs and have hit my first mini goal of losing 5% of my original weight. This has been the only one that works for me and  I can't wait to hit my ultimate goal!