Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hey I'm here!

I don't know why it always takes me forever and a half to write an entry. I log into blogger everyday and read everyones blogs I follow but yet never write mine. I don't really have too much to say I guess. I have been on weight watchers for about 3weeks now and have lost 5.6lbs the plan is working for me and I love it. I was down around 7.5 but gained two back during Christmas which I am completely okay with. I have already gotten back onto my eating plan and I don't have any major events coming up with me having to risk going off track until our anniversary in March. Of course we will have date nights and stuff but i have my iphone app to help me make the best choices when I'm out. I really need to get back into it with working out. I haven't done it since I have started weight watchers. I have been doing a lot of walking and stuff, and we bought a kinect for our xbox, and got a dancing game so that gets my heart rate up but it still isn't the same as an old fashioned work out. I just don't feel motivated to get up and do it. I got the 30day shred and biggest loser for my wii for Christmas and they remain unopened. I also have a free gym membership so you would think I would do something, but nope. Hubby has been really into working out lately and he always goes around the time I finish eating so I don't wanna go too. I'm going to try to eat right when I get home from work so my food has enough time to digest to go with him. I'm looking forward to the new year. I hope to start blogging more about my ups and downs and doing a weekly weigh in. I have a few new years resolutions that I'm looking to accomplish but I will write about those soon. Save the topic so I have something to write about tomorrow : )

    Thursday, December 16, 2010

    Finally Getting the Hang of it

    As many of you may of have read I decided to start weight watchers this week. I was frazzled at first because i could not get the hang of it but I wasn't going to quit like the million other things i have given up on in this blog. I have done pretty well following the points. I was alloted 31 daily and 49weekly. Today I think I did pretty well and got a pretty good bang for my buck with points.

    This was breakfast. 13points plus which seems high but give or take a few things and it would be less (obviously)

    1/2 cup of egg whites-1pt+
    with  1oz of cooked chicken breast-1pt+
    1/4cup of shredded fat free cheese-1pt+
    topped with 1/4avacado-3pts +
    2 pieces of smart vegi bacon-1pt+
    1/2cup of grapes-0+
    1 double fiber whole wheat english muffin-3pt+
    topped with 1tbs of organic jam-1pt+
    1cup fat free milk-2pts+

    I could of gone without the avocado and made this a 10pt+ meal but I just love it so much!!!
     Anyway moving on so for snack I used 1cup of greek yogurt nonfat plain and used 5slices of apple, strawberries, and some grapes. I work 9-5 so I split this snack up into two to have in the am and pm. Love that fruits are 0 points+!! Yogurt was 3pts+. I forgot to take pic  : (

    Then Lunch: 7pt+

    It's hard to tell from the pic what was in it but this salad was phenomenal and so easy to make!!! 
    2cups raw spinach-0pts+
    topped with 3oz chicken breast-3pts+
    1/2cup of mushrooms-0 +
    1/4cup of non fat shredded cheddar-1pt+
    1/2medium tomato sliced up-0+
    1/4medium avocado sliced-3pts+
    1tbs of balsamic vinegar
    Once again would of have been less without the avocado but wanted to use the other part of the half : )
    So then the afternoon came around and I had my other part of the yogurt and fruit. Got home and had dinner!

    This was so yummy!!
    1can progresso soup light beef pot roast-4pts+
    1cup milk-2pts+
    1whole wheat sandwich thin-2pts+
    1tsp mayo-0pts+
    2oz of roasted turkey breast lunch meat-2pts+
    1/2cup of spinach-0pts+

    Total points: 33
    Used 2 weekly points have 47remaining

    I didn't finish all my yogurt from earlier so I was thinking of having a banana with it. I can't stand the taste of it by itself it's just so bitter!! All in all I think I had a healthy day its easy for me to throw things together since all we have is pretty much healthy food in the house. I feel confident I can make this work as long as I follow the points and don't over indulge. I'm proud of my choices I read other blogs where they eat a lot less for more points! Hope this mini recipes help if anyone is looking to try something new : )

      Tuesday, December 14, 2010

      weight watchers.... Help!!!

      So I joined weight watchers yay me!! But! I'm having a hard time getting the hang of it. I'm used to having a meal plan laid out for me that goes off calories and now that it is just points I'm following it's hard for me to know what to make for my meals (I have never used weight watchers before). I saw the recipes on line but it always says one serving is blah points but it never states what a "serving" is. Can someone help me? I really want to be apart of weight watchers I have seen so many people be successful with it, and I know that I could be too since it is a more realistic approach to life and isn't banning any going out foods. This was my major downfall with other programs and now that I can see what would be the best choices if I do go out I really want it to work. I joined the online community I like to track and have been using spark people so I can stay commited to tracking. I'm just having a hard time figuring out what the heck to make and how to enter it in. Can someone help I'm open for any suggestions or tips!!!!

        Wednesday, December 8, 2010

        Ramp it up kills me!

        It's been a while... it's not that I haven't been doing the plan its just I don't have much to write about. I'm always reading blogs everyday but never find the motivation to write on my own. I'm still around 185 I can't seem to break that number and I know what to blame it on. My eating. I never can stick to that. I have so many friends who love to do stuff and love to go out to eat and it's hard to not chose the right foods when presented with so many options. So Monday hubs and I had one last night out and had happy hour at a sushi bar I love sushi so much and it's back on it. I told him to let our friends know when they want to make plans (they usually do it through him) that we will be more then willing to go out with them but after we have dinner that way we don't go out and eat out for dinner. I also told him I don't want to not have a date night because I feel that is really important but it doesn't mean we necessarily have to go out to dinner we can do other things. I went to sprouts and got all my food for the week and so far so good. I have found some vegetarian options on (even though I am not 100% vegetarian, but I don't mind eating vegetarian meats and meals.) so that has given me more options. Then I started using my spark people account to track all my calories even to the littlest thing I eat. It seems like I am always on my comp though reading the meals I have planned and the recipes then tracking it all in spark people, then reading blogs to keep me motivated. I started ramp it up on slim in 6 and boy does that really kick my butt. Its 55mins but they seem to go by fast since this is more fast paced. I have never experienced so much burning in my limbs with any other program but she always says "work through the burn that's when it's working" and it's so hard but I try my best. I took measurements after the 2week mark of start it up and it was very disappointing. I lost .2lbs only .2lbs in 3weeks (I skipped half a week since it was thanksgiving) and 0 inches!!! That really disappointed me. I only myself to blame though. I didn't stick to my eating the way that I should of have and that is most likely the number one thing to blame because I worked out this last week the way I should of. So I told myself "self don't let this get you down... you know what you did wrong so now is the time to get into it and fix your mistakes follow the meal plan and don't skip any workouts." So I'm going to do my absolute 100% best I want to be into the 170's by Christmas day and I know I can do it this morning I weighed in at 184.6 so I need to lose 4.7lbs in 2 and 1/2 weeks. I decided that if I don't see much difference in myself when the 6 weeks is over (January 3rd) I'm going to try out weight watchers. I have been hearing a lot of people talk about it and the new points plus thing. So I'll give it a shot if I have to but I hope that this program works on my body and gets me into those 170's!!!!! That's all for now. Remember stay strong these next few weeks I'll try to post more when possible : )