Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random rant

So I know my eating has been off but not my working out like I said before. I may get off track with eating but I always get back to where I'm supposed to be. I honestly don't think I should deprive myself of anything and get mad for eating "bad food." I know it's not helping my journey of losing weight but I also need to be prepared how to face situations like this when I'm at my ideal weight. The weight will go away but the actual food temptations will not. I don't want to deprive myself now then when I hit goal then allow myself to eat those foods and end up back to where I started. If I eat what I want but in moderation I am preparing myself for the future not saying I'm going to go have pizza, wings, beer and all this stuff all the time in but if an event comes up I won't not go or hate myself for eating a food that isn't fueling me. Moderation is key. No this is not an excuse just getting my thoughts down. I hate when I read blogs saying they did this and that wrong I know I do it sometimes too, and that is why I'm clearing all those thoughts and not getting mad at myself. If you face temptation eat what you want but don't go crazy. Take the smallest piece, take a bite, you only live once. If your husband wants to go on a date or your family wants to go to dinner or lunch don't say no. You only live once go and just make the right choices or if there really isn't anything healthy don't starve yourself just eat the right amount and don't over indulge. If you have been meal planning, counting points, or any other kind of diet you know how much the right amount is. I don't want to look back on life when any of my loved ones have passed away and think wow I wish I would of have gone to lunch or dinner or to that party with or for them instead of depriving myself from "bad" food and not going since I couldn't handle the temptation. If you have a slip up your weight loss is not doomed. Just fix what you did. Work out. Spend an extra 15-20mins on the treadmill, do your workout video twice, or go for a run or walk.

Today I was asked to go to a recognition lunch for work for my sales in the month of September. It was at a restaurant and at first I was upset because I planned my lunch and was ready to get back in the groove with my eating. Then I thought to myself ok... I can handle this I'm going to face all of these same situations when I hit goal so I need to know how to handle it instead of avoiding it. So I went, only had water, and had chicken with brown rice. I was quite proud of myself but that lead me to my topic today. Don't miss out on life because your on a "diet" remember people this is a lifestyle change. You will have times in life where your faced with parties, dinners out, or lunches or whatever life may throw at you. Don't beat yourself up about it, don't not go because you don't want to tempt yourself or "cheat" you won't gain 20lbs from one cookie or a piece of birthday cake your missing out on life. Just go enjoy yourself and enjoy your friends and family make responsible choices. If your going to eat off plan make it a small amount you know it won't happen everyday so it won't make a huge difference on the scale if your dedicated to working out, and eating the right way on non event days. Don't fret and keep your head up.

    Monday, November 22, 2010

    You can't have one without the other....

    So my eating hasn't been great since Friday. Hubby and I started our stay cation and whenever we are off together we get lazy and never cook. Friday we went to chilis and shared a whole order of the Texas cheese fries. Then I had a quesidilla explosion salad. I didn't have very much of it and when I felt full I opened a sugar packet and put it on it so I wouldn't eat it just to eat it. Lame I know but it works from me. I also had one glass of red wine, but we didn't have the dessert like we normally do. Then Saturday I had a breakfast sandwich from my meal planner and a cup of coffee. For lunch we went out with some friends and we went to miracle mile. I had half a turkey sandwich with fruit instead of fries and a water. It was hard not ordering the fries but I knew it was better for me. Then for dinner my parents had a birthday party for my bro and I pretty much blew it. I had a plan and I still lost control. I had a hamburger with cheese and ketchup, two hot dogs with no bun, a little bit of mac and cheese and a little bit of pasta salad. Two shirley temple vodka drinks, and then to top it all off had a piece of white cake with strawberries on top. I don't know why I do it to myself I go the whole week eating awesome not falling off at all and blow it all in one day its ridiculous. So moving onto Sunday I didn't have breakfast because I woke up late and had church. My mom and dad wanted to go to lunch after church so we went to golden corral. In case you didn't know it's a buffet... A fat girl who is trying to lose weight worst nightmare lol. I think I handled it pretty well. I wasn't going to let the night before throw me off. I had a salad, a tiny square of meatloaf probably 2x2 and some mashed potatoes. Not to bad. I wanted a dessert and had a 1x1 brownie and half of a sliver of a sliver of cheesecake. I tried to choose all the smallest options available. I figure if I want to taste something, not to deprive myself just make sure its the smallest option that way I don't over indulge. Theennnnn for dinner that night we wanted to do a date at the melting pot, our favorite place! So we didn't have wine, and I had the vegetarian option in the boullion but of course we had the chocolate. So then today just to put the icing on the cake we didn't have breakfast and ordered pizza for lunch supreme so we got our veggies in lol. Then for dinner we had ramen without the powder stuff and topped it with lean ground beef. So I blew it and it sounds that much worse seeing it written out. It's our last vacation until next year so in a way I'm ok with it. I didn't skip any workouts since Saturday was my rest day and then Sunday I did Start it up and slim in 6pack. I also did my work out today and it felt great. I got on the scale this morning and saw that it went up not surprised since it is my totm. It started yesterday and I haven't had it in two months so I'm all bloated and feeling blah so I'm looking forward to what the scale says when this is all done.

    So no more vacations and holiday's don't make a difference for us because we don't travel anywhere and sweets are never around except for the two actual days of getting together. So I think we are good for staying on plan food wise until the new year are going to be good! Anyway I took the pictures that we took when we started p90x back in July (but didn't finish) and made a comparison to my before pics for slim in 6 that I took a few days ago.

    A noticeable difference but a long way to go

    So this is the change of 4 months I hope I can see more differences by the new year!!!

      Friday, November 19, 2010

      Sleeping in

      So my hubby likes to get up at 5:30 to work out when he has to work at 8:30 he is doing a modified p90x. By modified he just chooses what workouts he wants to do that morning. It kind of bothers me because I feel he kind of half asses it and isn't serious which he doesn't really need to be he is already a fit guy but it helps keep me motivated too. I really wish he was into it more I would like him to want to work out and want to go run with me not just do it because he has to. I really need to get a running partner but none of my friends like to run and the ones that do are not close to my house. I started this post yesterday and now I'm finishing it. Hubs and I have the next four days off and that always makes me a little worried. I really want to stick to plan and the only person that can make me not do that is myself. I was a little worried this morning because I got up at 8:30 instead of our usual 6 but it felt so good to sleep in. Hubby was going to go golf with a friend and I was very tempted to just stay in bed and sleep more. I thought to myself well sleeping wont make me skinny by itself so I just need to get up and workout. So I went hiking by myself. It was so nice and peaceful outside even though I had my headphones. There were not too many people around and I could go at my own pace. This mountain I have been climbing has been pretty hard but I felt today I did a little better. I got home and decided that I should do my c25k since we didn't do it yesterday so I went out and ran. It was a little bit warmer today then normal like mid 70's and I was running right towards the sun. I didn't have much water this morning when I went hiking and when I got home so I ended up cramping up a bit. It got hard to keep going but I just kept telling myself, "you can do it, size 5pants, running your first 5k, then a 10k, be able to wear a bikini next year and still look good, being able to take boudoir pics for hubby and him liking them." lol cheesey I know but it got me through the 5min run when I was struggling with the 3min run when my cramp hit.

      So I think one of the things that really made me fail in the past would be when I would have a rest day. If I went the whole day without working out it would throw me off for a few days. So what I decided to do this time is to not have a full rest day. On Sunday's I'm going to just do my ab workout and my stretch workout that way I don't get thrown off. I still have my "start it up" workout today it's only 30mins so I just need to do it maybe after my food digests and I get some more water in!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

        Wednesday, November 17, 2010

        I may of have found my program!

        So on Monday I started Slim in 6 antoher one of beachbody's programs. I really like it. I'm currently on "Start it up" and it kicks my butt. It's not incredibly difficult but it gets me sweaty, gets my heart rate up, and I have to stop a couple of times to take a breather. I have been getting up at 6 every morning and well the past three days to get in my workout and it is so much better for me. I just get up when the alarm goes off so I don't fall back asleep and I have nothing else to do in the am but get my workout in. There is a ab workout and stretch workout that your supposed to do 3-4times a week and I did both when I got home from work and it felt really good. I weighed in on Monday and I was at 185.2 and I'm not going to weigh myself until the first two weeks are over and I move onto "ramp it up." I have been following the meal plan and it feels great to be back in the swing of things. I just need to have plans and stuff laid out and I don't get off track. We have told our friends that we are not wanting to go out to dinner at all and when we hang out that we can have dinner at our place or meet up after dinner since we are eating pretty early in the evening. Speaking of dinner here is what I had tonight and it was amazing!!

        Shrimp, Zucchini, and brown rice

        It was so delicious! So I'm back here to blog. I really haven't been gone actually, I am caught up with everyone's blogs but I can't comment on them on my work computer because they don't have flash on the comps : ( I'm just not always in the mood to write. I don't have anything to write about but now that I'm on the new program I do so I'm here to get back in it. I have stuck to my goals and I'm still going strong with c25k tomorrow is week 4 day 2 and I have hit the 5min mark of running. It's going good and I'm happy with that I have hit the longer runs. I'm to lose around 5pounds every two weeks if possible so I lose a total of 15pounds by the end of slim in 6. So anyway I'm off to bed now that I'm getting up so early I am ready to fall asleep by 10. Hope everyone is doing well and you will be hearing from me more often!

          Wednesday, November 3, 2010


          My run was awesome tonight... well the running parts anyway I'm only on week 2 of c25k I'm starting from the very beginning even though we got up to week 6before. It's nice to see that it made a difference for me. Back when we did it the first time I had a hard time doing week 2 as lame as that sounds. Now when it is the running interval part it feels so good and I don't get tired at all. I'm excited to complete this program. I'm awful at staying committed, I have the attention span of a 2 year old when it comes to fitness programs. But I love running and I love hiking and I just need something to hold my interest. I have gone hiking the past two Wednesdays and it feels great. The girl that does it with me wants to work our way up to a harder mountain then try to conquer one up in Flagstaff by next June with our hubbys. Mine has already done it 5times!!. Totally doable. I need to hike it more then once a week though to get good. I ordered slim in 6tonight and I can't wait for it to come. six weeks just sounds so easy to me and its a new workout every two weeks in those six weeks so my workout ADD should be satisfied. So I'll be doing slim in 6, six days a week, running Monday Wednesday and Friday and hiking Monday and Wednesday. I know that sounds like a lot but I hike at 8:30am then come home and run then relax on my days off which are m and w and then at night do the workouts I'm already doing the hiking and running part so throwing in one more 35-45min work out should be good.


          So I'm going to try again at this goal thing since I totally blew it last month and see where it takes me.

          1. Once slim in 6 comes don't skip any workouts
          2. Follow meal plan everyday
          3. No alcohol except thanksgiving
          4. Keep up with blogging and post more then once a week(it really holds me accountable)
          5. No skipping c25k workouts
          6. Try to get 8hours of sleep everyday
          7. Drink 85-100ounces of water a day and take my vitamins.

          Those are easy and will help with this lifestyle change. Now just stay committed I can do this!!! The days will pass regardless if I stick to them or not might as well do it, get to goal, and end up looking good who's with me!!!

            I don't know what happend

            Actually I do.... life happened. Everything has been crazy lately and I haven't had a chance to blog and along with that I have fallen off of the wagon. Not horribly I'm still making good food choices but exercising has come down to almost nothing and I also got sick. Just a cold nothing major. I'm ready to get back in it. I was able to maintain my weight those two weeks I was MIA so that's good. I started c25k again and I am on week 2 and I have added hiking to my list of workout routines. I got really bored of power 90 having to commit to six days a week for 90days of the same workouts just gets so boring I need more variety. I'm thinking of trying slim in 6 only 6 weeks... I think I can commit to that. I just needed a break from working out hardcore and just enjoy life and time with my hubby we only had two days off together the whole last month and nights when we would be together I would be working out we are newlyweds for heavens sake I wanna see the hubs. BUT Seeing that I could maintain my weight loss even while attending parties, eating out and not fully meal planning, really motivated me because I know once I hit my goal weight I will be able to stay at my goal weight and that in itself is awesome! I really want to look hot for my hubbys anniversary gift... Heading out to run I really want to do a 5k in January!!!!