Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I may of have found my program!

So on Monday I started Slim in 6 antoher one of beachbody's programs. I really like it. I'm currently on "Start it up" and it kicks my butt. It's not incredibly difficult but it gets me sweaty, gets my heart rate up, and I have to stop a couple of times to take a breather. I have been getting up at 6 every morning and well the past three days to get in my workout and it is so much better for me. I just get up when the alarm goes off so I don't fall back asleep and I have nothing else to do in the am but get my workout in. There is a ab workout and stretch workout that your supposed to do 3-4times a week and I did both when I got home from work and it felt really good. I weighed in on Monday and I was at 185.2 and I'm not going to weigh myself until the first two weeks are over and I move onto "ramp it up." I have been following the meal plan and it feels great to be back in the swing of things. I just need to have plans and stuff laid out and I don't get off track. We have told our friends that we are not wanting to go out to dinner at all and when we hang out that we can have dinner at our place or meet up after dinner since we are eating pretty early in the evening. Speaking of dinner here is what I had tonight and it was amazing!!

Shrimp, Zucchini, and brown rice

It was so delicious! So I'm back here to blog. I really haven't been gone actually, I am caught up with everyone's blogs but I can't comment on them on my work computer because they don't have flash on the comps : ( I'm just not always in the mood to write. I don't have anything to write about but now that I'm on the new program I do so I'm here to get back in it. I have stuck to my goals and I'm still going strong with c25k tomorrow is week 4 day 2 and I have hit the 5min mark of running. It's going good and I'm happy with that I have hit the longer runs. I'm to lose around 5pounds every two weeks if possible so I lose a total of 15pounds by the end of slim in 6. So anyway I'm off to bed now that I'm getting up so early I am ready to fall asleep by 10. Hope everyone is doing well and you will be hearing from me more often!


    1. awesome! i am very interested in slim in 6 and excited to know how it works for you. i am on day 45 of p90x and i am looking for my next program to start. i had thought about insanity or turbo fire, but maybe slim in 6...

    2. Sounds like a great program Stick with it!