Tuesday, May 31, 2011

boot camp starting tomorrow

So I found a groupon today for a boot camp class and I'm starting it tomorrow!! I was going to wait until July 1st but I figured this would be better since I haven't been 100% motivated and I have two weddings to attend this upcoming month. I feel like I have been in a rut weight loss wise and can't get below 165 its been a few months and this is the first month I got to see 165 but nothing below it. I really want to tone up and this should for sure help!! I'm excited and nervous at the same time I'll write tomorrow on how it goes!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sorry! (Kinda Long)

It's been a few days or so since I posted. I haven't "fallen off the wagon" or anything like that just been so busy!! Tuesday I went running with my hubby and cousin and did my longest run I have done! I went about 1.50 miles without stopping which is a new goal for me!! We did a total of 2.86miles. I'm trying to find a route that is equivalent to a 5k because I really want to do a race soon so we are almost there. I hope I can get to the point of running the whole route non stop!

Wednesday I worked late and was super sore from the night before so when I got home I didn't want to just sit there so I did zumba on the kinect. I downloaded a trial version and it came with two songs to do so I did them both twice so it was around 20mins of a workout and super fun I really want to buy the game. Has anyone played it before? I also have downloaded a couple of songs onto my ipod that we do at zumba and I did the dances to those. Is that weird? It definitely wasn't the same as it is in the class but it was still a good workout.

Then Thursday came around and it pretty much was the day from hell. I woke up and couldn't find a shirt I wanted to wear so it put me in a bad mood lol then I got to work and I had to deal with angry customers left and right and wasn't really in the mood for that then I got stuck at work an extra hour so I worked 830-730 longest day ever!!! After I left my bowels decided they wanted to work finally and I had to go super bad!! So I get home and the door to my house from my garage is locked!!! We never lock it and normally this wouldn't be a problem because I have a key but my cousin has been staying with us so he had it and no one is home. My husband wouldn't be home for a least an hour and my cousin was not available to come let me in. Now remember I really had to go lol I almost pulled a smokey from Friday but I wouldn't want to pick it up! So I had to drive over to McDonalds to use the br. So I sit down and do my business and then I notice there is NO toilet paper! I was like can this day get any worse!! So I look around and had to use the seat covers since nothing else was available and that wasn't pleasant. It was 9 by then and I hadn't ate dinner and I didn't feel like cooking so I just wanted to go get something and have a drink. Normally I do not go out the night before a weigh in since my body holds onto sodium like no other but at this point I was over it. So we get in the car and drive to one of our favorite restaurants and it is closed! Now not closed cuz it was late closed like as in no longer there, out of business closed!! That was the icing on the cake for me. So we went somewhere else and had some pizza.

The next morning of course my weigh in was messed up so I just recorded it as the same weight as last week. I didn't think it would be right to record what I was the night after eating out and eating late after a whole week of hard work. I had seen the scale go as low as 155.2 last week so I'm bummed I blew it the night before in a way. So I should see a super low number next week if I stick to plan. I don't have any plans this week except for work and running so I for sure will have a good weight in! The scale is already back to normal as of today so I'm happy about that.

Well this is all I had thanks for sticking with me if you did! It was a long one!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

bootcamp class

I really want to do one of these. I really think it will take me to the next level in my fitness. I need to start toning since I am in my second half of my weight loss. I couldn't stick with jillian her voice bothers me and I get bored of redundancy so I have been looking into a bootcamp class has anyone done one before? There is one starting up soon that I think I may go to. It says its for beginner fitness levels and I think I fit into that... I'm about to go running again tonight I'm super tired but I don't want a day to go by without a workout I am determined to be at 165 point anything by friday for the sake of making some progress in my weight and also I'm ready for my next reward!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Run and a wreckless but fun weekend

So I did what I said I was going to and got up and ran! 2.28miles to be exact! I was super proud of myself but learned a valuable lesson. Drink water before u go and run in 80 degree heat and also take a small water bottle with you! I got right out of bed this morning and had a quick glass of water and headed out. I did the best I have done without stopping but when it came down to my stopping point I was parched. I needed water so bad but I was only at my half way point. I tried to run more but started cramping. I was exhausted and my body needed water. It was dumb of me to go out and run in az without something to keep me hydrated. So lesson learned and for now on will have some sort of bottle with me. Any recs though I don't really want to have to carry a bottle in my hand : / I ended up with a headache the rest of the day. I couldn't shake it off. Monday is my fave zumba class day and I honestly was not in the mood to go but did anyway cuz I knew I would regret it and I'm glad I went its super fun!

 This weekend was a little rough for me as far as eating goes... friday I did ok we went out for my bros graduation and I had two pieces of buffalo chicken pizza and some clam chowder my fave!! I didn't see a gain on the scale at all the next day and was proud of my choices. Saturday was also ok I had eaten all my points by 7 with dinner but friends wanted to go out that evening. We went to a wine bar and hubby and I shared a buffalo chicken sandwich on flat bread. (sensing a trend here) I also had a white wine flight (3 3oz wine samples. Then we went out for frozen yogurt which was amazing! It had been so long and I was perfectly fine with it : ) I honestly don't know the point allotments for everything. I just used my best judgement in portion control and I think I handeld it fairly well.

Then Sunday rolls around. I have noticed sunday is my worst day always lol. I had a bridal shower to go to and also a graduation party. At the bridal shower I did good I had a virgin pina colada and a bunch of fruit and one meat skewer with baby steak pieces on it. I was given a slice of cake and had half of it and wasn't tempted to eat the rest. So far so good right well then I get to my parents house and there is food galore. I had a sub sandwich piece and some potato salad and veggies. I had a diet soda for 0pts instead of my normal alcohol drink. I haven't soda in a while but it was nice to have a 0pt option avail. Then dessert came around I had a small piece of cake and a super small slice of cheese cake. I'm proud of my choices but I'm sure the point amount was more then normal. But in a way it keeps my body guessing. I got right back on track today with my points and choices though which I'm glad I am able to do. If I can master the weekends I'm sure this journey will go by a lot faster. I'm hoping to see 165 by friday with all the workouts and stuff I have planned. I also don't have any events coming up at all that will put me off plan. Here a few pics of the weekend!!
fam in the spa

ready to go in the pool  of course with the shirt off just not ready for that

my and baby bros (and I have heels on)

my hubs bro and me

first of many pool parties this summer

Sunday, May 22, 2011

really in the mood for a run

random I know why can't I feel this way when it's not 11pm lol. I think I am going to head out in the morning and do it along with my zumba class at 530. Like I have said before I am in a wedding in june and I would like to be down 10lbs before then. I got my bridesmaid dress today and I ordered it back in Jan (not by choice since I knew I would be down in lbs) and of course its way too big. Which of course isn't a bad thing I'm just not looking forward to the cost of having it brought in. Here are a few pics

thats how much I had to pull it to fit right

I don't know how long it takes for a dress to be altered though. I'm still trying to drop some pounds before the weddding so I don't want to do it quite yet any suggestion...

well its time for bed I'm thinking of joining a boot camp class in june but more on that tomorrow

Friday, May 20, 2011

Quick weigh in post

Another weigh in day!
Last weeks weigh in: 167.4
This weeks weigh in: 166.2
Difference: -1.2lbs

Well I'm glad I switched my weigh in to friday. I knew deep down my weight had not gone up that much but I'm super happy with the number I saw and I can't wait to see what next week brings!!! I'm ready to be out of these 160's already and I'm working my way down!!! I'm a little worried about this weekend though. Tonight we are going to chinese food for my bros graduation and sunday another family get together lol! Wish me luck!
Sorry to make this short but have to go get ready for my baby bros graduation!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A bad Sunday but good workouts to make up for it!

So I started off this week pretty bad on Sunday I went on a I don't care what I eat thing but just for that day. It was my bros bday and my mom had everyone over. I started the day out good I made breakfast and even used a ww recipe then I had some fam come over and they wanted lunch I had a couple of turkey hot dogs no buns or anything just to hold me over until dinner. They wanted to order pizza so we ordered domino's Brooklyn style pizza. Of course me and my inability to say no to food, I had one and a half slices. I wasn't too impressed and it was 7pts+ per slice!!! Needless to say the rest of the day was downhill. So we went to my moms for dinner with the family She made tacos which were pan fried and we had guacamole, salsa, veggie tray all good stuff but also had a lot of alcohol available. I had 2 cocktails mixed with vodka which are 5pts+ per shot. Then my mother wanted to do a couple shots of tequila rose... I would assume that's 5pts+ per shot too. Then dessert came and she bought cheesecake and yes I had a slice and yes it was amazing. Needless to say I was not feeling well that night killer stomach ache! I know I did it to myself and I was fully capable of saying no to any of that food but I didn't want to I guess. I'm not mad about it I had fun but I knew it would reflect on the scale which wouldn't be good, along with my lack of working out last week. I hang onto sodium like no ones business so I was happy I had a few days until weigh in. When Tuesday rolled around I was still seeing high numbers and it worried me I knew I had ate a lot that one day but not enough to add up to 4lbs on me. At that point I decided to change my weigh in to Friday not that I was trying to hide from the weigh in, I just wasn't convinced it was my true and accurate weight. I think Friday will work better for me that way I will have my full point load right before the weekend starts, so if any activity presents itself I have the spare points use. So I decided I should get on the scale on what my actual weigh in would of have been on Wednesday and I was at 167.6 only a .2gain which was a lot better then before (I'm telling you sodium is the devil to my body) butit's not my official weigh in since I changed it. I feel that this weigh in day will benefit me the most.

Now in regards to working out I have been spot on this week. I guess I was motivated again to get that number down. It's crazy what a little number can do to you. So Monday I went to Zumba and took the dogs for a walk, the Tuesday I went to spin express. It's been a while since I have done spinning and I really felt it the next day between my legs from that dumb seat. I was having a hard time keeping up and I was getting super tired but felt awesome afterwards. Wednesday I thought I was going to go to zumba but my mom wanted me to do her nails so she was going to come over but canceled last min so I didn't get to do either. So I decided to go out on a run with my cousin around 930ish. It was super nice out and I ran farther then I ever have before outside without stopping!!! Definitely going out and doing it again tonight since the next two days are going to be a little hectic with graduations and stuff. All my activity is making a big difference on the scale. This morning I saw the lowest number I have seen on this journey but I'm not going to say anything until tomorrow so I don't jinx myself!!! Wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A few of my fave kitchen gadgets!

 I love learning about different products people use in their everyday life to making cooking time easier So there are a few gadgets that make my life easier in the kitchen that I wanted to share!

My jack lalane juicer. This makes juicing fruits and veggies so easy! I got it for free from my mom who didn't use it anymore and I love it!!! I have made a ton of stuff with it. It is kind of a pain to clean but it can be done within mins!

This is eggbert he makes hard boiled egg slicing so much easier!!! I always had a hard time slicing eggs and this does it perfectly!

My steamer! This was given to me for Christmas and at first I was like what a weird gift! But I actually use it about 5days out of the week! It makes the best steamed veggies and rice!! I have also cooked fish in it and it's delish!!! Makes my life a lot easier I just cut up the veggies put the water in it and walk away until the timer goes off

My washable smoothie, juice, water, pretty much anything cold I drink cup. I love this cup so much its so versatile and perfect for smoothies because it has a little stir type thing on the bottom.

My camelback water bottle. It holds quite a bit of water. I like how it has the straw thing on it since I normally use straws even with my regular drinks. I like I can drink out of it hands free since you just have to bite it. (lazy i know)

This is my wine bottle opener. It's super awesome and it also has a foil cutter that comes with it. You just stick it on the top of the bottle and hit the bottom arrow and it takes the cork out its super easy for someone like me who can't work any other kind of bottle opener

my pineapple corer. You just cut off the lid and twist this around in it and it leaves the core in the pineapple and takes out the rest. Its so easy to use and to cut after you take it out!

and last but not least my food scale! Love this thing! It has been a lifesaver and has helped me out a lot. I'm not one to really "eyeball" stuff and I am super anal and I want every measurement to be perfect so this has helped a lot!
 *this is all stuff that I have purchased or received from fam on my own these are just my opinions to help ppl no reimbursement has been done :-)

Friday, May 13, 2011


An nsv worth mentioning. So after 3years of being with this man
I made him make this awkward pose lol
I finally weigh less then him!!! we are now 166.4 to 167.0 not to far apart but hope it never crosses again.

now my next major nsv would be to weigh what my drivers license says!!

winner announcement!!

Congrats to my 100th follower!!!!
send me your address and full name!!! gettingnshape@gmail.com

So on my previous post I mentioned that I couldn't pick a winner since blogger erased my posts well it decided to work again but that didn't make a difference since it deleted the comments but I also get email notifications of all my comments. So I counted it all up and went to random.org (couldn't figure out how to get a pick of what it came up with help????) it drew #8 so the winner is

Becky @ http://bringingbeckyback.blogspot.com/ !!! congrats girlie email me your full name and address for your water bottle and workout movie then let me know what mag you want the subscript too!!
gettingnshape@gmail.com it may be a couple of days before I ship it out since I am waiting for the bottle to arrive.

So for those of you who may count to double check she wasn't in the exact place but people who mentioned posting my blog counted as two and my name doesn't count (christina) : ) thank you to everyone who participated I may do another give away at my bloggies one year anniversary mark in June

(winners you have until end of day May 16th to email me!!!

blogger is killing me

well I hit my 100th follower and was about to pic my second person from my random gen and I went to add up the comments and everything and 2 or 3 of my posts are missing that had comments on it even the one saying she was my 100th person... any ideas how to get them back or what exactly is going on?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

repost of my giveaway details

Hey everyone as you know I mentioned that I would be doing my first giveaway once I hit 100 followers one for someone picked with a random gen and for my 100th person! I have posted this previously but reposting since I'm only two away!!

The 100th follower will recieve this:

Jillian Michaels: The biggest winner how to win by losing complete body workout 5dvds

* Shape up-Front
* Shape up-Back
* Cardio Kickbox
* Maximize-Full frontal
* Maximize-Back in action

Then for my random winner you will get these!!
a cambelback water bottle, I love mine so much

your choice of what magazine you would like a year subscription to


a workout dvd of my choice!!!

Here's how to enter!

* Post about this giveaway in your blog, link my blog to it and leave a comment with a link to your post
* Every comment you make until I get my 100th person is one entry
* Give me your best but not common knowledge fitness tip each tip is one entry
* If anyone joins my blog that you refer and says that you referred them that gets you a bonus entry!!

Hope you guys like the prizes I picked I'm super excited to host my first giveaway!!!

Good Luck!

Weigh in day

So today was my weigh in as you may recall from last week I weighed in at 168.4 but had been seeing 166 and 167 the whole week. Eating had been a little off over the weekend. Friday hubs and I went out to dinner had a lot of carbs but nothing to crazy. Saturday ate well until dinner, friends came over and had some pizza, wings, and redbull and vodkas :-(. Then Sunday came along I woke up a little hung over and went to church. We had a super busy day and didn't get to eat until around 4 and i was starving! So needless to say my points were all over the place this weekend. So I get back on track Monday but my weight had gotten back to 170 I was pretty nervous since I had seen 166.4 only a few days ago. I figured I had some water retention going on but the next day my weight was the same! So I got to drinking water eating super clean and as healthy as I could. I thought I was going to bomb this weigh in but I got on the scale and it read 167.4. I actually was super disappointed that I couldn't get it down to 166 or lower. So I imput it into my weight tracker in ww and it told me I had hit my 10% goal! I was like wait is that right? I had been so mad about not being 166 or lower that I had completely forgot that I had hit my second goal. So I sat there and thought about how I have been trying to get to this point for a while and I finally hit it!! I set my next goal to 155.4 and I can't wait to hit it!!

Moral of my long story: you may not always get the weigh in you want but look at the small goals you have set for yourself and always look back at how far you have come up to this point!!

Second thing: I did some shopping over the weekend and wanted to get some shorts. It's already getting hot here in az so it's shorts weather. I found a couple of pairs I liked that were on sale but wasn't sure what size to get. I had recently been fitting into 11's so I thought I would grab some 10's and see how that went. Worst case I'll save them to fit into later. So I get home try them on and they fit perfectly!!!! I was actually shocked and super excited. I really want to out of double digit pants/shorts and I'm almost there!!

Picture of me and my grandma

This is a screen shot on my phone sorry for the black box this is a new shirt I got too!! Love it

A day of eats!

Sorry I haven't been around for a while life has been a crazy blur. But one day I took pics of everything I ate so here they are!

Breakfast: egg whites, one egg, 1/4cup of non fat cheese, 2slices of turkey bacon, glass of dark chocolate almond milk and a bowl of mixed fruit. 8pts+

Snack: 2tbs new fave peanut butter and an apple. 2pts+

Lunch: 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 4oz of catfish breaded in plain planko bread crumbs. Sierra mist natural. 9pts+ I didn't drink the whole soda. I never drink soda but saw this new natural one and I could not get used to the taste. I guess I'm over soda.

Second snack: rest of the fruit bowl from breakfast

Dinner: mushroom chicken and scalloped potato: 9pts+

Dessert: 3pts+

That puts me over by two but not too bad I love choosing stuff low in points so I get more to eat!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I hate the scale sometimes

It sits there looking cute but when it comes to my weigh in day it seems to hate me! I was going to post this yeterday but completly forgot! Wednesday are my new weigh in day and I was looking forward to what I was going to see on the scale. I had been seeing 166 to low 167's all week which would put me down from my weigh in last week of 167.8. So Wednesday morning when I got up I felt a little bloated but figured I just had to pee. So I did my thing but it came out so slow and I felt like there was more to come out so I waited to weigh in. Then the second round comes and I feel back to normal so I get on the scale and it read 168.4 wtf I didn't get it I was low all week then my weigh in day shows that I was mad but figured maybe some other poor choices caught up with me. So then this morning I get on the scale and it reads 166.4 does that make any sense to anyone lol I was like you have got to be kidding me. Weigh in day my low weight gets stage fright but then the day after its back to normal. So I'm really looking forward to what my actual weight is next Wednesday on weigh in day. I finished my second day of the shred got a little further without stopping but still have a long way to go.  I wanna try my best to do it everyday for the 30days. I have a wedding I'm in, in June and like I said before would like be down 15+lbs then and this should for sure help.

I made some more comparison photos today

pardon my face on the right its way ug lol

this is my fave comparison pic

It's nice to have these when I'm feeling bummed about the scale!

Only 5 Followers to go until I hit 100!!!