Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another quick post during lunch

Jury duty gives me a lot of free time to work with so I can get more posts in. Went to zumba last night and it was amazing. I had a lot of energy and tried my hardest but at the end I was exhausted. Since this lady owns the place that the class is at she let's it go as long as she wants so it went an hour and 15mins and those last 15mins I had run out of energy especially since I hadn't had dinner yet. But I stuck with it and had fun! I'm thinking of skipping zumba and heading to the gym to get in my strength training and then going back to zumba tomorrow. I have to go back to work Friday so I'll do my other strength training then and again on Sunday to get in my 3days.

I made one of my two new ww recipes for the week last night. I made cornbread :-). I took pics to put the recipe up on here but forgot to take them for a few of the steps :-( I will put up what you need and if anyone is interested let me know and I can put up the recipe!!

Here is what u need then these combined turns into

This!!! It honestly came out good but it wasn't very moist. I followed it step by step so I'm not sure if that's just the way it's supposed to be. It makes 12servings at 3pts+ per serving. I love making new recipes and so does my hubby lol

Today for breakfast I had this

Bagel thin-3pts+
slice of cheese-1pts+
1/2cup egg whites-1pts+
2pieces of turkey bacon-2pts+
1cup of chocolate almond milk-3pts+
Normally I will have water with this but I just bought the almond milk and wanted to get a milk serving in. Yesterday I only had one dairy serving which is not like me. This breakfast was delicious and filling try it some time!!!

Well back to jury duty lunch is about over!! Only 8 new followers needed before I send out my giveaway!! 1for the 100th person and one for a random person that enters! To see the requirements check out my giveaway post about two posts back!!!

I may be back later with another post!

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  1. Good luck with your jury duty! Food looks delicious! I love cornbread :)