Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Holy Shred!

Yikes that dvd is such a killer!!! I forgot how hard it was! My original goals for may was to do the shred three days a week and do strength training but I think I am going to try to do the shred a minimum of 5days a week and forgo any other strength training for right now. I want to add to my list of goals to do this 5days a week and to be able to finish it without stopping.

I made another recipe tonight. That takes me to my two new per week goal for this week. I made ww scalloped potatoes. I mis read the recipe and thought that they would be done in 45mins but it was actually after 45mins they had to be uncovered and cooked for another hour!!! I felt so bad because I was cooking for hubby and myself but I couldn't wait that long and I had something else to eat. Hubby waited it out and he loved them!

Looking forward to picking out my two new recipes for next week!

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