Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tired today + nsv

Week one day 4 of ww. Today was my cardio only day and this morning I was really wanting to go but decided to stay in bed and go after work. When I got off I worked I was so pooped but I went anyway. My legs were super sore and I tried to do some running on the treadmill and had to stop because they started hurting :-( so I got on the elliptical for another 20mins but didn't have as much energy as I normally do.

Eating was good stayed at my 29pts got a new fave snack 3cups of 97% fat free popcorn and 12 Hershey's dark chocolate mini candies they are kind of like m&ms it's a total of 3pts+

Small nsv today I have a pair of work pants that have two buttons on them and when I wear them I normally can only button one but today I got both buttoned comfortably!! I took a couple pics

Not sucking in

Not too flattering in the front but no muffin top :-)

Have you fit into any clothes lately that didn't use to fit?

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ww day 3

Sorry if this is becoming a lot of the same thing but it helps keep me accountable :-) today I felt a little bit lazy but told my self no excuses all they do is bring fat! So I went to the gym and had an amazing workout! I did a 15min cardio warm up broken down into a 5 min warm up and running for 10@5mph Then I went into my Bride work out day two. I added in an extra ab workout and two glutte exercises. After I did that I finished it up with another 15min on the treadmill doing intervals. Intervals on the treadmill make time go by so much faster when doing cardio and I really enjoy it. I want go do other cardio routines at the gym besides the elliptical and treadmil but not sure what else to do any suggestions? I was thinking of getting a jump rope and bringing it since they have a fairly large work empty space plus a whole fitness/mirror room I could go into even though I'm normally one of the only ones there when I go. Which I love! It's nice not having to wait for a machine I can work out in the center and dont have to worry about any juice heads judging me and I can go at my own pace.

Eating was good today. I didn't really have a plan so I just threw stuff together. For bfast I made a egg white omelet with mushroom, broccoli, and turkey topped with ff cheese and salsa with an iced coffee I made and paired it up with a pineapple chobani that I ate when I got to school. I had some grapes and a banana for snacks during the morning/mid day and had lunch around 230ish. I had a smartones mini cheeseburger those things are so small and they are 5pts I think it's actually a huge waste of pts and I won't be buying those again but I paired it up with broccoli covered with ff cheese and pasta sauce and a glass of milk and a couple strawberries. I was getting hungry around
6ish and I had to eat so it would be digested by work out time. I didn't really have a plan for dinner so I had some brown rice with 2oz of ground turkey and broccoli topped with BBQ sauce. It was so random but really good actually. I had a couple pts left so I had a smart ones dessert and it was so yummy!! U probably notice my mentioning of smart ones I noticed them in store for the first time the other day and noticed ww made them. I picked up a few dif kinds that are low in sodium and not to many points and I really haven't been disappointed.

What is ur favorite smartones?

Here is a pic from my work out too :-)

I hate how my belly looks I need to shrink my midsection oh if only I could spot reduce :-( but as u can see the gym is pretty much empty!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

you know it's a good workout when even your underware is soaked...

maybe tmi, but man it was a good workout. I wanted to do treadmill intervals so I started with my 5min warm up then went into a 5min run which turned into 10min then that turned into 15min around the 15min mark I was thinking to myself well why not go for 20min I have come this far! It took everything I had to do it but I ran for 20min at 5mph! I was super exhausted after but I'm glad I did it! I headed over to the elliptical for another 20min but kept it light. Tomorrow will be my second workout day on the bride plan. I was pretty sore today so hopefully I'm ok tomorrow.

Today was day 2 on my new ww plan and everything went really well. I noticed that I have a hard time getting in my fruits and veggies and thats something that I am working on, but I don't want it to be all fruits because of all the sugar and carbs in them. I got in all my good health guidelines again today except for healthy oils. What do you use to meet that part? I know olive oil is one of the choices and normally I use my misto with olive oil but not sure if that counts since it's definitely not a teaspoon worth.

Stayed on my points today actually I had one left over and I couldn't eat anymore I was so full at the end of the day. I made a new ww recipe for dinner and it came out pretty good. It was chicken teriyaki with broccoli on brown rice. Have any of you tried that one before?

We are having a halloween party this Saturday and I don't want to mess up with alcohol and stuff so I think my best option is to not have any at all or maybe just a glass of wine. We are not going to be handing out candy this year since it's expensive and we are on a tight budge. So we are going to go over to my moms and hand some out. I am not a big candy person so I am not too worried about being around that. I feel like I have my same mentality that I did at the beginning of ww and it makes things a lot easier. What are you doing to keep on plan with halloween around the corner?

Monday, October 24, 2011

ww day 1

so today was my official restart to ww. i weighed in at a saddening 169.8 and my five percent goal is 161.1 hoping to be there soon!!! I told myself to treat this how I did when I first started ww in december of last year and lost my first 20lbs. im ready to be in maitnece already (who isnt) lol. I hit my 29pts just fine but did not go over. I hit my good health guidlines and got in my activity. I found a challenge on ww for 12weeks. its made for brides preparing for their wedding day but who cares :-) its nice to have a program to follow for the next 12weeks with structure. That will take me into the second week of January if everything goes according to plan, hopefully I am at goal by then!!!! after that my next plan of action is to take on new rules of lifting for women. Even if I am not at goal I hopefully should be fairly close and I think that would be the best thing to do to build up my muscle tone and help keep me in maintenance :-D Tomorrow is just my cardio day so I am planning 30min treadmil intervals and 25min elliptical. My excitment and determination are high like when I first started and I cant wait to see the scale go down!!! I also got a mini notebook to carry with me to write down everything i am eating and what activity I got in. Even though I track online I think keeping a mini notebook with me will help keep me more accountable and in tune with what I am eating and why I am eating things.

If u do ww online do u still write down what u are eating anywhere?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's just gunna be poop anyway....

That is my new go to saying that I tell myself when I see something I want to eat or something is calling my name. If I shouldn't eat it I tell myself it is just going to be poop anyway... makes sense right. It has helped me a lot with making better choices.

Sorry for the absence I just got back from vegas where we went to another wedding... yes you read that right another wedding... that makes 5 for the year and thankfully no more but then of course we come up to the holidays... Last week was a total disaster for me as far as eating and working out goes. I different days that I had to work so that threw off my schedule we didn't have any food in the house since we were going to be gone for the weekend we didn't want to go to the store. Technically we had more then enough things to make if we put some effort behind it but for some reason hubby and I were just off. Then of course the weekend was a disaster. There was booze, booze, booze, fast food, and more booze. Don't get me wrong we had a great time but it was just terrible. When I left the scale was showing me 169 which is high for me. I thought it was because of the weight lifting I had done the previous week but it never went back down. When we got back home I went to get on the scale and the battery was lo so it wouldn't show me a reading. I think god just didn't want to disappoint me ; ) So I tried it the next morning and it worked but showed me 172!!! That number has not been seen by these eyes in a while. I figured it would take me a few days to get the sodium out of my body and regulate everything (if you know what I mean) so I spent the next few days eating as best as I could and drinking a ton of water. This morning I got back on and it showed me 169.4. So making progress! Now just need to get back into working out (going to the gym tonight) and everything should be ok.

I set up my goal for thanksgiving I would like to be at 158 or lower. Completely do able if I just get myself focused and back into it. So I'm heading to the gym tonight! No distractions are planned until thanksgiving and I have ww/hungry girl recipes that I plan to make to defeat temptation. I'm also going to try and not drink anything until then with the exception of a ladies night party I am hosting but they will be hg drink recipes so I know the exact p+ of it!!! We went to the store and bought a lot of food last night and I can't decide what to eat!!! Made some new snack items I will be sharing with you guys once I make a few!

Is it hard for you to get back on track after a bad weekend or vacation?

Have a good day and remember it's just going to turn into poop anyway!!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Some days you feel it and some days you don't. I weighed in on Sunday with a gain of 2.5lbs. I was doing double workouts last week so I don't know if I was retaining water with working the muscles but it was really discouraging. I skipped Friday because I had to work late, then Saturday we went to dinner with friends, which I think may of have affected the weight gain since I hold onto sodium so bad then Sunday we went and had dinner with my husbands dad and his gf. I think I may change my weigh in day again so that I have realistic results since it seems that every Saturday night either friends or family want to get together and do something and that always messes up my Sunday weigh in. At the same time I don't want it to be an excuse to eat whatever on Sat since it would be changed. I'm kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place right now with what to do lol. I was thinking of going back to a Tuesday or Wednesday weigh in. Thoughts??? I don't think I will be at the goal I set for myself by Friday but I haven't gained anything either. so after Vegas this weekend hubby and I are doing a ten pound before thanks giving. Where he wants to gain 10 and I want to lose 10 before thanksgiving that would put me only 10lbs till goal and at 155. Crazy huh!!! Anyone want to join in?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

another day the same routine

So everything has been going good with my 2 a days I have been doing 30-45 mins of cardio right after school around 1030ish then heading back again around 730-8ish that's where I will do a 20min interval cardio warm up and then do a weight routine. I found another app through women's health that has a lot of workout routines and I tried one last night and I am pretty sore today. Last night I was having some tightness in my hip and knee and I did some stretching and it felt so good!!! I was worried that I may have injured myself but I may have overdone it a bit so today I skipped my first cardio workout of the day but I am going to go tonight after work to get in some cardio and possibly some weight lifting not 100% sure yet. I am super tired today I think my body wants a break lol. Tomorrow I have a long day at work since I work for att and its iphone preorder day and we are expecting it to be busy so tomorrow I will take a rest day to recoop.

Last night I made salmon in a foil pack and it turned out so amazing and moist!! Normally when we cook salmon it comes out dry and blah but we will be doing this for now on. I have been sticking to my points just fine. Its funny what being kind of broke will do to you. Vegas is a week today and I want to lose another 3lbs 5would be ideal but not realistic. I want it to stay off and not come back.

I signed up at anytime fitness today with an actual membership my two week trial one ran out so I am signed up for the next 11months! I hope that I am for sure at my goal by then lol I am assuming it will happen by the end of the year but you know what they say about people that assume.... lol I was thinking the other day about how I only had 20lbs to go and that I wanted to be in the 150's by the end of the month and it made me kind of nervous to think at that point I will only have 10lbs left to lose. I have been working at this for so long what happens when I get there. It has always seemed so far and distant when in realtiy it could be that way in 3months ; /. do you ever think about what it will actually feel like to hit goal?? does it make you feel nervous???

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2 workouts in one day!!!

So I went to the gym this morning and got in my cardio workout! I did 45min on the treadmil at anytime fitness. What I love about this place is that they have monitors for every machine so you can watch tv and stuff, it has a port for a ipod or iphone and they have a lot of different programs to choose from and all you have to do is choose how long you want to be doing the workout for and it changes the resistance and incline as the program progresses. The nice thing also about these machines is that it doesn't try to get your heart rate every 30seconds! I hate when I am trying to do one of the pre made workouts and it wants to check my heart rate all the time especially when I don't use the handles or something. Anyway I know these things are not a 100% accurate but when I was done it said I burned 450 cals!! So if it is anywhere remotely close that will work for me!!! After my work out I went to my moms house and did some cleaning for her so that added into my calorie burn. I came home and sat around catching up on blogs and catching up on keeping up with kardashians. I always use to bad mouth that show and now I love it lol. I guess you shouldn't judge a book by its cover! Since I am doing my "two a day" plan or at least trying to I told myself I would be going to the gym again later in the evening. I ate dinner around 630 and took my pre workout supplements around 730 and headed to the gym at 8. There was only me and one other lady there which was awesome so I did about 30min of interval running on the treadmill then heading to this workout room that I am assuming is where classes are held.
Here is a pic of me in that room

Its a fairly large room all to mysefl!!!

I got an app on my iphone from "prevention" and they have a ton of different workouts you can do depending on what your goal is and what you are trying to work on. So today I did an arm work out and abs. I was there about an hour and half. I probably could of kept going but I didn't want to over do it. It's funny how sometimes it's so hard to get me to the gym but when I get there its hard to get me to go!! I'm going to sign up for sure tomorrow since Thursday is the last day of my free two week membership. It's so nice having the gym so close to home and having hubby less then a few mins away if something were to happen. I am hoping to hit my ww 5% goal by next Friday which would put me at 161.7 just in time for vegas. Going to vegas kind of freaks me out because the next two weeks there are no distractions and nothing that will make me go off plan and if I hit this goal what am I supposed to do when I am up there? eating healthy isn't really an option not drinking isn't really an option any tips???

Speaking of food here is my eats for the day

egg whites + 1 egg with chiken sausage and french toast

morning snack of grapes these were amazing

After workout snack was a banana

Lunch corn toritilla's with chicken, great northern beans, olives, cheese and buffalo sauce with a side of steamed broccoli and cheese

I forgot to take a pic of dinner but I had chicken, with ff cottage cheese, and steamed zuchinni with a glass of milk so delicious I only went over my pts today by 2 no biggie everything was so delicious and I was full the entire day!!! What did your daily meals consist of??

Monday, October 3, 2011

Why must they get my hopes up!!!

Today was a good day! Yesterday not so much when it came to dinner time. My mom made the most amazing enchiladas and pulled chicken (like pulled pork) sandwhiches... interesting combo I know and of course made brownies for dinner. Now no one is aying that I had to have any of it but of course I did. I got my butt to the gym this morning after school though and did a 5k. I do about a half mile warm up and then run for a mile and try to do more if I can but end up usually walking the next half then running the final part again. I usually do it at 5.2speed and it works out fairly well. I really want to be able to run the entire thing by the end of the month!

I went to Golds today to cancel my membership and they told me I have to mail in a certified letter letting them know I want to cancel. Seems like a crok to me but we will see how that goes. While I was there I asked who would be teaching the 530 zumba and they told me it was the girl that I like! I was super excited and thought to myself well if she is back then I don't need to cancel... Well I show up at 530 and it was the other lady that I don't like so that was pretty much the final straw for me... We did get hubbies rate lowered for the monthly service by almost $10 so that helps make up how much the new gym is going to be costing me!!!

We went grocery shopping today and I got some new breakfast foods. Tomorrow I will take pics of all my eats for you guys!!! Have an amazing night!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

October.... I can't believe you are already here but this is my month!!! Time to be a better blogger, better eater (not that I have been bad but I can be better) and also a better worker outer lol. I can't believe how fast this year is flying. Being in school part time while working part time makes my life so crazy. I am back down to my pre vacation weight which makes me happy but this is my time to get out of the 160's once and for all!! I have only seen the scale show 164 one time since I have been on my weight loss journey and I'm ready to see it again and then see it go. I mentioned before that I was thinking of trying out anytime fitness and I set up a two week trial membership there. I went everyday last week and this week will be starting out my final week. Thursday is my last today. I think I will be switching to there I like it so much. There is never anyone there and sometimes I have the entire gym to myself. I can play my music out loud, use any machine I want with out having to wait and I don't have to worry about what people are thinking when I am using the weights/carido machines. It is pretty much a no stress environment. It is a little bit more then what I am paying at golds (only by $5) and it literally takes me 2mins from my driveway to get to the gym parking lot vs. 15mins to get to Golds and the parking lot is super crazy unless you go at 8pm or later. The only reason I stayed at Golds was because of my zumba class but my zumba teacher is mia still. Tomorrow is the last day I am going to see if she is there and if not I am cancelling then heading to anytime and signing up. Does anyone else workout at anytime fitness? what do you think?

I have been doing farily well with making hungry girl recipes. Last week I surprised my hubby with a three course meal all hungry girl recipes. I made a soup as a starter which was so amazing!!! Then for dinner I made lasagna with eggplant and then I made a chocolate mousse dessert with oreo and we had a side of apple cider. trying to cut out my booze intake. I got really drunk at a party I went to the other day I hadn't ate the whole day and was super hungover on Monday (sloppy I know) alcohol to me now is like blah not in the mood for it.

I'm going to try and go to the gym everyday until vegas and hopefully get back into my two a days. I want to lose 6-8lbs this month and feel its completely doable as long as I stay on track with points and working out of course. What are your goals for October?