Tuesday, October 25, 2011

you know it's a good workout when even your underware is soaked...

maybe tmi, but man it was a good workout. I wanted to do treadmill intervals so I started with my 5min warm up then went into a 5min run which turned into 10min then that turned into 15min around the 15min mark I was thinking to myself well why not go for 20min I have come this far! It took everything I had to do it but I ran for 20min at 5mph! I was super exhausted after but I'm glad I did it! I headed over to the elliptical for another 20min but kept it light. Tomorrow will be my second workout day on the bride plan. I was pretty sore today so hopefully I'm ok tomorrow.

Today was day 2 on my new ww plan and everything went really well. I noticed that I have a hard time getting in my fruits and veggies and thats something that I am working on, but I don't want it to be all fruits because of all the sugar and carbs in them. I got in all my good health guidelines again today except for healthy oils. What do you use to meet that part? I know olive oil is one of the choices and normally I use my misto with olive oil but not sure if that counts since it's definitely not a teaspoon worth.

Stayed on my points today actually I had one left over and I couldn't eat anymore I was so full at the end of the day. I made a new ww recipe for dinner and it came out pretty good. It was chicken teriyaki with broccoli on brown rice. Have any of you tried that one before?

We are having a halloween party this Saturday and I don't want to mess up with alcohol and stuff so I think my best option is to not have any at all or maybe just a glass of wine. We are not going to be handing out candy this year since it's expensive and we are on a tight budge. So we are going to go over to my moms and hand some out. I am not a big candy person so I am not too worried about being around that. I feel like I have my same mentality that I did at the beginning of ww and it makes things a lot easier. What are you doing to keep on plan with halloween around the corner?


  1. Sometimes I put olive oil in my breakfast or protein shake. You can't even tell it's inthere!

  2. LOL, I know what you mean about the underwear.