Saturday, July 31, 2010

It shipped!!

So in my new journey to get fit I ordered p90 like I said before. When I ordered it off of beachbody's website I was bombarded with extra offers it was insane. I would hit next and it would say "act now get this for free just pay shipping," or "special offer get blah blah videos to amp up your results" I couldn't believe it. One of the benefits of ordering it off of beachbody's site was that they give you "express" shipping but I ordered it monday and still haven't got it, maybe monday. I'm super excited to start the program but I think I'm for sure going to wait until we get back from our staycation! I know I can commit to 90days and I dont want any distrations or any reason for me to say oh not tonight so its better if we wait! I'll put up a pic of my packet when I get it!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

So I made a decision...

So I had the last four days off of work which has been amazing by the way. Of course on those days off no working out was done. I don't know what my deal is... I sit there and think about it and tell myself I'm going to do and it just doesn't happen. So Steve and I decided we are starting over from day 1. New photos new measurements, new attitude. The only thing is, I'm stepping down from p90x for right now. I wasn't getting the results I desired but of course I wasn't 100% committed, so that would make sense. It just felt out of my league even though I was doing about 80% of the workouts. I ordered Power 90 yesterday and I'm going to do that first while hubby does P90X. I have seen so many good stories about the Power 90 workout and people have lost a ton of weight on the program then "graduate" to P90X but I think I'm going to do Power 90, then slim in 6, Turbo fire, then finish it with p90x. I know I can do it and now that I know what is expected of the program I think I will succeed. My issue is the diet I can follow it great while I'm at work but when I come home and I don't want to cook I make bad choices and we usually go out to eat. Also alcohol is my downfall. We drink a lot cocktails, beer, wine we do it all. So I need  to clear out the cabinet and not buy beer anymore. I'm committed I'm ready for my body to change and I know I can do it. I can't wait for the videos to get here. I feel like a failure for quitting p90x but I'm excited to work my way up to it and finsih my fitness goal with it!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Getting back into it...

So last week was a disaster when it came to working out. We had the goal in mind to make everything up but life has just been so crazy and we are always getting pulled in different directions. When it came to doing yoga I seriously was not in the mood for a 1 1/2 hour workout. We had somewhere to be at 10 and hubs wanted to take me to dinner which was a suprise that I couldn't say no to! So we decided to pass it to saturday then saturday came and I fell asleep at 6:00. I had been going to bed everynight before around 1 am so it finally caught up with me. Then Sunday came and we both had to work since we are going to have this weekend off so we sat there and said forget it lets just repeat last week this up coming week and no skipping whatso ever! So yesterday was core synergistics I got pooped pretty quick. Its crazy how if I dont eat a lot of calories I get tired during the workout but when I eat enough I can keep going and dont feel tired at all.

Today is Cardio X if I work out right when I get home it makes things so much easier. I get in get it over with and have hubby to realx with all night. Also I stepped on the scale this morning and it went down about 3lbs!!! Spark peopel has me do a weekly weigh in under the same conditions. So I usually do it in the morning. I know thats when I'm at my lightest but I figure those conditions are always the same I was so excited!! I was just complaining to Steve about how i wasn't losing any weight and how can someone do p90x without any change and BAM there it was!!! That drives my intensity and my want to work out. Also we just booked a mini vay-cay for my bday where we will be sitting pool side the whole time so I want to try my hardest to look better before that happens!

Burning some goop....

Yesterday was a brutal but satisfying day... we had skipped Tuesday because we got invited to go to a dinner for a friend then Wednesday was our day off of work and ended up skipping again. I had a hair appointment and then we went and registered for school and that took like seriously 4 hours but I'm happy we got it done! Looking forward to getting into school again and that hubby made a career decision. I was worried that it would never happen and we would be stuck in our mediocre jobs.

So I ended up not doing cardio X and also skipped shoulders triceps and chest... I was disappointed in myself but I knew if i was tired I wouldn't give it my all. So we were going to just continue and do evertying on sunday. (the two we missed) so on Wednesday we felt good enough to do the cardio and the tricep exercise and knocked them out. It was awesome!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Completed week one of phase two!!

Well we did it!!! We completed week 1 of phase two. I'm super proud of us because we actually skipped Monday because we were feeling lazy and didnt want to get back into the routine and also skipped Saturday because my parents wanted to do dinner. So we actually made both up on Sunday! We got up at nine and started our legs and back. It was my first time using the pull up bar. I used to use the bands but it didn't feel like I was working hard when I would do them. Now with the pull up bar its so much harder (even using the chair to assist me.) we had to be at church at 10:30 so we got about 35mins into the workout. It takes us a little longer since we are sharing a pull-up bar. It was so hard working out like that on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. but as Tony would say I was "sweating like hell" which was awesome!

After church I went to Walmart to pick up a heart rate monitor. I recently went onto WebMd and saw an article about working out and what my heart rate should be and if your above it its pretty much wasting your time. So I picked one up and its pretty awesome! Very confusing at first but I got the hang of it. We did kenpo and I forgot how awesome it was!! We had only done it one time since it was our Saturday workout and things always seemed to come up on our Saturday nights after we got off of work. So after our kenpo we finished our legs and back and then had ab ripper x. It was an intense day almost 3hours of working out!

 This is the heart rate monitor I got its super awesome! The band goes around my chest and  monitors my heart rate the whole workout. Whenever I change zones either being under, in, or above. Then at the end it gives me a summary of how long I was in each zone and how many calories I burned. For about $50 bucks I couldn't ask for more.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Almost finished with the first week of phase 2!!!

It's been a while since I have wrote about my P90X journey. When we got to the third week of the first phase we got  little sidetracked and kept putting off the workouts, and our meal plan fell through. So we decided to repeat that week and started off strong and then lost it again. So hubby and I said to eachother lets just start the week four which is the recovery week and then start with phase two the following week. but once again that fell through we only did the day and got sidetracked. Its so hard to stay motivated sometimes... I want the results but when I get off of work the last thing I want to do is to work out for an hour even when its in my own living room. It's hard for me to get off the couch and just do it but I know when I do it that I will feel good and be happy with myself, and that it may not be what I want to do now but when the 90days is over I know I actually accomplished something and I know that there will be results even if I dont hit my goal there is no way that there will not be something that doesn't happen. So Hubby and I decided July will be the month to "bring it" following the meal plan as much as possible and really pushing ourselves in the workout. So we did our measurements for the past 30 days and I gained about 1/2 a pound which upset me but my bfp went down 2% so I'm figuring muscle caused the gain. I have always been told to stay away from the scale at first because it may show increase but for some reason I can't seem to stay away from it so its now sitting in my garage to ease the temptation.

 Anyway, My waist went down 2 inches but nothing in my hips. My right leg lost an inch but the left stayed the same. Also my chest went up like 1/4 inch which I found strange. So not the results I was hoping for but any change is good I guess. We took our "30" day photos and I can't see a difference but I have noticed for most people the results at that stage are minimal.

We started the first week of phase one on Tuesday. The plan is almost identical to before, for me being on the lean plan only one day changes. I did core synergistics on Tuesday and tried to do everything the best I could. I still can't get the hang of that "Dreya Roll" but I the squat xpress thing and did all 30 Yay me!!! Then Wednesday was Cardio X. Once again I did almost all of it and was dripping in sweat. We decided to start up with c25k again and did the 8 min run 5min walk interval, and it busted my butt but I was able to do both 8min runs which felt awesome. As we were walking back to the house I was telling Steve that I could remember barley being able to do the 1min run and now running 8 without stopping!! It was so hot though still in the 100's at 10:00 at night. I was dripping in sweat but it felt awesome to get back out there again and start running.

Tonight is our 20min run with c25k without any walking dont know how thats going to go but I'm ready to try it!! I did chest, shoulders and triceps last night that was super hard, push ups are not my thing but I did the girlie ones and I feel I did a pretty good job. Super sore today but it makes me happy to know I actually did something to get my muscles sore. Tonight is yoga again.... oh how I loathe it but i know its worth it. I'm going to try to keep up with this blog to keep me motivated. Maybe even get some readers : ) have a full four weeks of working out and rt