Saturday, July 31, 2010

It shipped!!

So in my new journey to get fit I ordered p90 like I said before. When I ordered it off of beachbody's website I was bombarded with extra offers it was insane. I would hit next and it would say "act now get this for free just pay shipping," or "special offer get blah blah videos to amp up your results" I couldn't believe it. One of the benefits of ordering it off of beachbody's site was that they give you "express" shipping but I ordered it monday and still haven't got it, maybe monday. I'm super excited to start the program but I think I'm for sure going to wait until we get back from our staycation! I know I can commit to 90days and I dont want any distrations or any reason for me to say oh not tonight so its better if we wait! I'll put up a pic of my packet when I get it!!

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