Saturday, July 16, 2011


I don't have to much to write about I have been to the gym the last two nights and its nice to be back into my routine even though I have stuck to my points the whole time but I have been liking a few foods lately that I thought I would share.
Love buffalo sauce I put this on so many different things

use these for wraps and other yummy for lots of stuff and only 1pt+

these are amazing but high in pts 4pts+ per serving but worth the splurge once and a while

same with these 4pts+ but so amazing when wanting a chocolate ice cream dessert
angel food cake 2pts+ for a slice amazing with strawberries and powdered sugar

 love chobani low in pts and has so much protein
black olives have been going on top of a  lot of my food lately

what are some things you have been eating lately?

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  1. Oh, those Weight Watchers candy bar ice creams are so unbelievably good! They've become a regular grocery purchase for my family.

    I've also been on a terrible pickle kick -- come home from work and just eat them straight out of the jar! The cold, crunchy, saltiness satisfies my munchie cravings and keeps me going until supper.