Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend summary and weigh in!

Well Today was weigh in day I really tried hard last week after my monday screw up

Last weeks weigh in: 165.8
This weeks weigh in: 164.8
Loss of 1lb

I am finally past this 165 point I'm aiming for at least 163 next week!! It's funny how when you stick to plan and work out you actually get results and I'm ready to face another week!

I tried something new last night. I saw this on hg website and thought it was sort of ridiculous but decided to try it anyway when I saw it at the store.

It tastes just like an appletini its crazy and obviously without all the actual calories/points. It was so delicious! We had some friends over that were drinking and I had this instead in a martini glass and it was just fine.

Tomorrow I am going to meet with a counselor on becoming a court reporter so I'm really looking forward to it then my fave zumba class later in the evening.

Then to top off the weekend we went to the humane society and came home with this beauty
she is so adorable and playful and only 15weeks old. She gets along with our doggies and so far has been great! She is the first cat we have ever owned so any tips are appreciated!!!

Looking forward to what my weigh in shows next week I'm one pound away from my goal in our challenge while hubby is still 5 away lol only two weeks to go!!

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