Thursday, July 14, 2011


So I got enrolled in my new school Monday and my part time shifts are a go! I start vacation a week from this Thursday and don't come back to work until August 4th so I will be gone two whole weeks and I cannot wait. Then hubby and I will be driving up to California for 3 nights to go stay with his dad at his beach house then school starts the following week. I will be going in the am till around 11 then heading to work. It's gunna be a lot of work but worth it to get into the carrer I like hopefully. I'm planning on sticking onto my weight loss program so that I stay on track to hit goal by October! I'm really looking forward to the new changes ahead and starting on a new journey!

I have been pretty lazy this week I only worked out on Monday but my eating has been good. I'm hoping to see a loss still this Sunday but only time will tell. I need to get my workout mojo back and beat my hubby in this competition lol

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