Sunday, July 3, 2011

New weigh in day

If you read you will know I changed my weigh in to Sunday
 Last Wednesday weigh in: 167.8lbs
This weeks weight: 165.8lbs
Loss of 2lbs

So I got on the scale after busting my butt and it read 165.8lbs so thats down 2lbs from Wednesday. I think then I was retaining water since my month visitor should be here any day but everything seems back to normal and I was so happy to see that number on the scale after the hard work I put in. Technically it isn't a loss since I have been here before I seem to keep gaining/losing the same 3lbs, but I can't wait to see what happens next week!! I so so so want to be out of this 160 era its been 2+ months already and I'm over it. I'm so excited to hopefully post dare I say it 164 point anything or so next week. No Jinxing I hope

I'm about to head out and go to my parents house for a day filled with swimming and food but healthy food of course!!! My mom has a food scale and everything so it makes everything so much easier for me. I hated when I was the only one that was into healthy eating because all I would get was funny looks or ?'s of non understanding but now someone sees it from my side!

We went to the gym last night after work I really wanted to try to workout everyday but it seems all I will get in today will be swimming and it wont be any kind of vigorous swimming. I put this outfit on yesterday and my hubby seemed to really like it. It may be one of the first times I got a genuine wow you look good compliments from him since I have been on this journey.

Size small shirt size L soffee

Hope everyone has a safe rest of the weekend I may be back tomorrow with another post!

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