Saturday, August 28, 2010

Proud of myself!

So yesterday was a good and bad day as far as my weight loss journey goes. Lets start with the bad and save the good for last. So its nothing major just a little disappointed in myself. My mom called me Wednesday night and asked if we would like to go to dinner. Now going out, drinking and all of that is off limits for right now. I have been following the meal plan perfectly for almost two weeks which is so awesome for me, besides last Saturday when we went to mellow mushroom. But other then that its been fine. Well I miss my family and they love to drink and go out so we decided to say yes and went to dinner at the yardhouse (my fave by the way.) I'm a little disappointed in what I had but I know I can make it up. I had a glass of reisling. I figure wine would be a good option not as many carbs as beer and not as many calories as a cocktail. I had some chicken tortilla soup, and one lettuce wrap. One piece of the spinach dip and one egg roll. It was a big smorgasbord of food but it was super yummy. We went back to their house and watched Grey's Anatomy which is my current favorite show. We just started watching the seasons on dvd and I'm officially hooked. We started season 3 last night and have two more to go! Anyway back to the point. I didn't get home until 10:30 and really was not in the mood to work out at all, and hubby decided he wasn't going to work out and just do it on Sunday which is his rest day. That really didn't help motivate me to do it and I almost backed out. I sat there and thought to myself okay its only 35mins I can do it and I will feel better when I'm done. We normally don't go to bed until almost 1 most nights other days, just do it. So when I got home I put my work out clothes on right away so I wouldn't talk myself out of it and just did it. I was so so proud of myself. The old me never would of have worked out that late. I would just put it off and say Sunday then Sunday would come and I wouldn't do it. I can tell I'm really committed this time! (the good part by the way).

Another thing is I was asked to join a "biggest loser" contest with my group of friends. I haven't decided if I'm going to join or not yet. She wants everyone to meet  at the same time and do an initial weigh in. I don't really feel comfortable with everyone knowing my weight. I don't care about the person who started the contest but I don't feel everyone needs to know. Know what I mean? So I told her I would send in my numbers to her and my weigh ins but she said everyone needs to use the same scale. I don't know if she doesn't trust everyone or what but its not that close to my house. Maybe I'm just making excuses but I don't know. What do you guys think?

Hope you all have a good work out today!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Another busy day...

So today marks my first day of jumping into the college life. I have gone before but haven't finsihed. I went to nail school but didn't get my license but will soon. but for now I'm heading community college bound. I don't really know what for or why since hubby is going to be a pharmacist and I'll be a stay at home mommy, but its something to do and I may change my mind later. I got my hair done as well which was refreshing it needed it BAD! I hate how days off of work are always so busy but Anyway

I finished my first week of Power 90 and I am very proud of myself! So far this is the longest I have gone working out and following a meal plan at the same time! Beachbody has made it easy for me which is awesome. I haven't worked out yet today but it's my day off of work and I'm relaxing I will do it when I get home from schoool tonight. Boy does that sound weird! I wanted to share a recipe with you guys that I'm loving right now! I got it off the beachbody meal plan site and its for a snack during the day.

It's for a chicken artichoke wrap.
  • 2 tablespoons chicken, cooked
  • 2 1/2 teaspoons artichoke hearts, fresh, cooked or canned
  • 1/2 teaspoon scallion, fresh, chopped
  • 1/2 teaspoon pesto sauce
  • 1 low carb flour tortilla, 6"
  • 1 piece pimiento strips
  • 8 fluid ounces water
    Shred chicken. In a small bowl, mix together shredded chicken, coarsely chopped artichoke hearts and scallions. Set aside. Spread pesto sauce on low carb tortilla. Arrange chicken mix and pimento on top. Roll up tortilla; heat if desired. Enjoy with a glass of water.
     Its so delicious let me know if  you try it!!!

    Friday, August 20, 2010

    I gave in...

    This morning I woke up and hubby and left for work early so I was home alone. If you have been following me you know I have vowed not to get on the scale until I finish 30days of my workout plan, but today the scale was calling my name, and there wasn't anyone to stop me from getting on it (hubby doesn't want me to use it until day 30 as well). I pulled it out (we have it up to where its not out in the open so I wouldn't use it... sad I know) and got on it. I wasn't going to do it until I was on my day 30 that way I wouldn't be disappointed. I should of have waited. It said 193.4. More then my last weigh in at 190, but that was also after a 2day cleanse. I was sad but I should of have expected it since I did all that awful eating while on vacation. Now I wish I would of have got on the scale when I got home from our trip so I would be able to tell the difference from then till now. I know its not a big deal I have been eating 1300cals a day all healthy eating, fresh veggies and lean meats, low carb, no sweets, and nothing other then water or milk. 30+ mins of interval cardio every other day along with abs and then the other days is weights. It's only day 5 and I'm not going to get discouraged and I for sure will not be getting on it again, but its nice to know where I sort of actually am starting from. I think I can hold off for another 25days!

    Wednesday, August 18, 2010

    Another awesome workout complete!!!

    Day 3 is done and so far I'm loving power 90!! The workouts and the meal plan everything is perfect for me... well as long as it works ; ) I started the program they way it was recommended with circuit and sweat 1-2 at first it seemed easy but by the end of both workouts I was sweating my butt off and tired! I think I will advance to circuit 3-4 before moving up to sweat 3-4. Once I can complete the workouts with 12lbs of weight and do all 15 reps then I will know its time to move forward. Right now I'm alternating between 8 and 10lbs. I think doing p90x for a while helped out in that aspect. The cardio and abs is another story its hard but I can keep up but have to pause it a few times. The abs are killer its only 100 moves but I can't do all of it yet so I know once I can finish that with no hesitation that's when I will move up. I still have time its only my 3rd day but I like to be optimistic : )

    The diet is working well too, the food is so good. I am using beachbody's website and it has the full meal plans I have been seeing a lot of the recipes and I think they sound so gross but then I try them they are so good! Like today for my morning snack it was a wheat tortilla with pesto spread then you put chicken, with artichoke hearts and scallions on it. Now I have never had pesto, or artichoke by itself, so it sounded awful to me but it was so delicious!! I can't wait to see what is in store for me next week!!

    Tuesday, August 17, 2010

    Day one is in the books!

    So I completed day 1 diet and all. I think Power 90 is definitely up my alley I really like it. It's not as intense as P90X but still gets me sweating and tired. The diet was good easy to follow but hurt my wallet. I bought so many random things that I have never heard of or ever purchased in my life, but the food was so good! Protein shake for breakfast, nuts for snack, then I had chicken with spaghetti sauce and Parmesan cheese on a bun for lunch. So amazingly good. Dinner was interesting the ingredients called for beef, orange marmalade, stir fry sauce,  cayenne pepper, and beef broth. To be honest when I read the recipe it sounded awful but it all came together and tasted amazing!  I'm excited for tomorrow I'm ready to get the ball rolling. Hope you all enjoy the journey and thanks for reading and sharing my experience with me!!

    New blog I'm following!! ( Nice name) : )

    Friday, August 13, 2010

    Feeling Guilty

    So I lost about five pounds as of last week but then it was my bday on Saturday and Steve and I went on vacation to a resort and all they had was junk food. Food is my weakness and it sucks. When we got back I didn't even want to step on the scale. I didn't gorge myself but I don't want to see if anything changed. I'm just going to wait until the first 30days of the workout program are done with. I start this Monday I'm so excited for my power 90 journey!!

    Thursday, August 5, 2010

    Finally Some results!!

    So I stepped on the scale yesterday after completing the two day cleanse and I went from 195.6 to 190.4!!! So exciting to see a change. I haven't weighed this since the beginning of the year!!! Now I'm on the 6day workout plan that includes doing the "Fat burning express" workout it is intense!!! It really kicks my butt and I haven't been sore like this in a while but I love it. The meal plan is also so easy to follow which is perfect for me because I pretty need to be told what to eat and measurements of the actual food. I ordered the whey protein and also their slimming formula. I'm here to go all and out and to succeed. I will be starting the power 90 program on the 16th of this month because we are going on vacation next week and I don't want to miss any days no excuses no b.s. If we start the following Monday I know we have a better chance at succeeding...

    Tuesday, August 3, 2010

    Day 2 of the cleanse...

    So its day two of my cleanse and its 10:38pm. It for sure was not easy but I did it.. this morning I weighed myself and lost 3lbs, I'm curious to what the scale will say in the morning. I'm so hungry and can't wait to eat but I'm proud of myself for not cheating once. It was killing me seeing people eat burgers at work or hubby eating bratwurst tonight. We also went to the store and I got all the food for the next six days I'm following beachbodys six day fat burner program then I'm going to jump into power 90. I ordered my whey protein and their slimming pills and got the meal plan online set up. This should pretty much be fool proof as long as I don't "cheat" and stick to the plan which I so doable.

    Here is what I got in my beachbody package. The only thing missing is the container of the 2day cleanse. I have all the things to help me succeed. I'll start the power 90 fat burning system tomorrow. Its only six days then I have to change the diet to more carb because its a high protein diet that shouldn't be followed for longer then that but I'm so excited I can't wait to see what happens!!!

    Monday, August 2, 2010

    It Arrived!!

    So my beachbody box arrived today I'm so excited! I'll post up a pic later i'm at work and wasn't able to take a pic before I left. But in it was all the videos, a measuring tape, cookbook thing, a 6 day slim down book, and a 2 day fasting shake. I started the shake today because I had a horrible eating weekend and figured now would be the best time to do it. Then after the two days of having a shake for breakfast, lunch and dinner I will jump into the 6 day slim down thing. All I can say is that I'm STARVING it's crazy but I'm going to push through it. This is my time and I can't wait for the results!!!