Friday, August 20, 2010

I gave in...

This morning I woke up and hubby and left for work early so I was home alone. If you have been following me you know I have vowed not to get on the scale until I finish 30days of my workout plan, but today the scale was calling my name, and there wasn't anyone to stop me from getting on it (hubby doesn't want me to use it until day 30 as well). I pulled it out (we have it up to where its not out in the open so I wouldn't use it... sad I know) and got on it. I wasn't going to do it until I was on my day 30 that way I wouldn't be disappointed. I should of have waited. It said 193.4. More then my last weigh in at 190, but that was also after a 2day cleanse. I was sad but I should of have expected it since I did all that awful eating while on vacation. Now I wish I would of have got on the scale when I got home from our trip so I would be able to tell the difference from then till now. I know its not a big deal I have been eating 1300cals a day all healthy eating, fresh veggies and lean meats, low carb, no sweets, and nothing other then water or milk. 30+ mins of interval cardio every other day along with abs and then the other days is weights. It's only day 5 and I'm not going to get discouraged and I for sure will not be getting on it again, but its nice to know where I sort of actually am starting from. I think I can hold off for another 25days!

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  1. Just something I have heard but you shouldnt get on a scale that hasnt been sitting in one spot for a few hours. They have to calibrate. Im not saying that it was wrong or right but you may want to do it again after it has been on the floor a few hours.