Saturday, August 28, 2010

Proud of myself!

So yesterday was a good and bad day as far as my weight loss journey goes. Lets start with the bad and save the good for last. So its nothing major just a little disappointed in myself. My mom called me Wednesday night and asked if we would like to go to dinner. Now going out, drinking and all of that is off limits for right now. I have been following the meal plan perfectly for almost two weeks which is so awesome for me, besides last Saturday when we went to mellow mushroom. But other then that its been fine. Well I miss my family and they love to drink and go out so we decided to say yes and went to dinner at the yardhouse (my fave by the way.) I'm a little disappointed in what I had but I know I can make it up. I had a glass of reisling. I figure wine would be a good option not as many carbs as beer and not as many calories as a cocktail. I had some chicken tortilla soup, and one lettuce wrap. One piece of the spinach dip and one egg roll. It was a big smorgasbord of food but it was super yummy. We went back to their house and watched Grey's Anatomy which is my current favorite show. We just started watching the seasons on dvd and I'm officially hooked. We started season 3 last night and have two more to go! Anyway back to the point. I didn't get home until 10:30 and really was not in the mood to work out at all, and hubby decided he wasn't going to work out and just do it on Sunday which is his rest day. That really didn't help motivate me to do it and I almost backed out. I sat there and thought to myself okay its only 35mins I can do it and I will feel better when I'm done. We normally don't go to bed until almost 1 most nights other days, just do it. So when I got home I put my work out clothes on right away so I wouldn't talk myself out of it and just did it. I was so so proud of myself. The old me never would of have worked out that late. I would just put it off and say Sunday then Sunday would come and I wouldn't do it. I can tell I'm really committed this time! (the good part by the way).

Another thing is I was asked to join a "biggest loser" contest with my group of friends. I haven't decided if I'm going to join or not yet. She wants everyone to meet  at the same time and do an initial weigh in. I don't really feel comfortable with everyone knowing my weight. I don't care about the person who started the contest but I don't feel everyone needs to know. Know what I mean? So I told her I would send in my numbers to her and my weigh ins but she said everyone needs to use the same scale. I don't know if she doesn't trust everyone or what but its not that close to my house. Maybe I'm just making excuses but I don't know. What do you guys think?

Hope you all have a good work out today!!!


  1. Hey! I have a similar blog to yours. Haven't had the guts to put up the "before" pic tho :/ Kudos for that! And it's not fair that 190 looks better on you than 175 looks on me.
    I look forward to reading your progress. It's nice to know there are other new wives who want to be hot again :D Go us!!

  2. Well, knowing myself I would NOT do the biggest loser thing because I am cripled by the thought of my friends knowing my weight. I dont even put it on my blog because most of my friends (and unfortunately enemies) read my blog. eventually I will find the courage though. Good job making yourself do the workout!


  3. I dont think its an excuse. I am embarresed of my weight. that is why i dont even have a picture on my profile yet. I will once i get to an acceptable weight. Im a pretty masculante guy to i would say. Its not just you. As long as we work out for ourselves and work out hard its all that matters. also if you do join make sure u dont get to competitve and loose the weight unhealthy just for a contest.

  4. Thanks for the support guys!!! I still haven't made a decision I think I want to lose weight more for me then anyone else : )