Sunday, August 21, 2011

This is the final straw...

Finally caught up with everyone's blogs! Now onto me my last weigh in post was on 7/17 showing me at 164.0 and this morning when I stepped on the scale it showed 170.0 so a gain of 6lbs in a month. I was way out of control. Ever since I got back from vacation it was so hard for me to get back on plan. I kept saying oh this weigh in I will start fresh well next weigh in I will start fresh. I finally sort of got into the swing of things then my birthday was coming up so I said to myself well I'll start after my birthday and then pretty much ate whatever. Then we went to California for a few days and so I told myself well when we get back I will start there are just too many distractions. Well that turned into a big FAIL this is the worst I have done throughout this entire journey. I'm actually quite embarrassed but I'm glad I caught it before it got WAY out of control. I got up weighed in and tracked it and started with eating this

 egg whites with cheese and spinach along with juice made in my juicer. Kale, carrots, spinach, 1apple, 1 orange, grapes, a few strawberries and a few blueberries. total of 10pts. My husband and I recently saw fat, sick, and nearly dead. Its a documentary on netflix about an overweight guy who juices all of his meals for 60days and pretty much gets down to a normal weight and it is completely followed by drs monitoring him and no one ever told him to stop doing it. It was pretty inspiring. Hubby wanted to try it for at least five days so we figured what not a better time to try it then now. It would be a nice reboot to get back on track we did it for two days and it was fairly easy. The evening got a little hard and we were always starving at dinner time but pretty content throughout the day. So today I decided I will pair a juice with breakfast, have a juice for lunch, and then a fruit juice mix along with dinner for the rest of the 5days. I pretty much did not work out at all the whole month I think I hit the gym mayyyybe
twice which is completely inexcusable. So tomorrow I will be there for Zumba. My life is about to get pretty hectic since I am going to be starting school but it also will be a complete routine until October when we got to vegas. (which is the day I want to be at goal which is still possible.)

Hubby is all in (with gainging) and I know I am (for losing) and I'm really looking forward to what the scale says next week losses on ww the first few weeks are always a bit larger. I'm going to stick with my daily points+ and try not to use too many weeklies. Also we are going to try our best to stop eating red meat. That will be easier for me but not so much for him. I love fish and I am going to make some tonight for din with some mango salsa I can't wait!!!! Also we are cutting out alcohol too. I am going to treat it just like I did when I started ww back in Dec. Never going out working out a lot and I always consistently lost weight then. I know what I need to do to do it and the only person stoping me from hitting my goal is myself. No more lazy.

I noticed that a lot of people have been saying they have been off plan and that they have been going downhill. If you would like to join me in my restart lets see who can go the longest (hopefully we all do the same time) with working out and eating right!! If all hold each other accountable we can go a lot farther in this journey!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm still alive

I'm still here still trying to catch up on all the blogs I haven't been able to read. I haven't been 100% on plan but tomorrow starts it all up for me again I have about two months to lose my final 20-25lbs right before vegas!!! Be back soon with an update thanks for your patience guys!!!