Friday, June 8, 2012

things are going good!

How is everyone doing! Its been a while! I have been so busy but who isn't right lol. I have been doing great with my plan! I did have a couple of days where I ate carelessly for one meal but whipped myself into shape and remembered what I posted in my eye opener post.  If you didn't get to read that post click here! I have been eating really well lately at least for the past week and a half, we haven't gone out at all, and we have been trying a lot of new recipes. Hubby definitely doesn't mind lol. I have been using my crock pot a lot and can't believe that I always forget I have it. I have made buffalo chicken lettuce wraps twice with it and also crockpot tacos. Pinterest has really helped me with ideas lately. I got those ideas from there and also we made avocado hummus and kale chips which were both amazing! I love trying new recipes and it has kept me from wanting to go out to eat. Normally I want to go out to eat at least once or twice a week because I am feeling lazy and also because I want to get in some quality time with my hubby but this week we have been working on the recipes together and eating every meal together its been really nice! It makes a big dif when you have a meal in mind to eat rather then just sitting there trying to figure something out at the last min.

Workouts have going well as well. So when I got down to my lowest weight right before our anniversary trip to Vegas, I was doing TurboFire and eating well and writing down my weight every morning on the calendar they give u as well as marking off the days that I completed a workout. I am on my third week as of now and so I checked the calendar to see what I weighed previously at this point, so on my friday of the third week previously I weighed 168.4 and thats exactly what I weighed this morning! So I'm on the right track kinda crazy how it was exactly the same but at least I know I am going in the right direction sucks I gained it all back but I know what I did wrong and what to do differently this time. I was telling my hubby I have more time this time before our trip to California. When we went to vegas I had about 4weeks this time I have 8weeks so double which is very exciting, I could possibly lose a total of 16lbs if everything goes right and I follow what my bodybugg says I have been in a defecit everday and that would put me right at around 156 before we leave!! (I'll be happy just to see 150 anything on the scale) Also this time my work schedule is a lot better, I have three days off with no obligations besides house work and doing beachbody stuff and when I work I have day shifts vs the night shift like before so I will always have dinner at home. Which ties back into the whole going out thing. When I was working before I got off at 830 and if I didn't bring dinner to work I always wanted to go out when now I am home no later then 630 so I do my workout and then make dinner for us. I seriously have no excuses and its been working great for me so far!! I'm so happy I stayed motivated and have been keeping my head in the game it is really paying off! Trust me there are days when I just want to be lazy and not do anything but I figure the workouts are less then an hour and our trip and life is gunna pass by whether or not I work out and if I skip and don't hit my goal I'm only going to regret it so whats the point. Pinterest also helps with pictures of fit people all over it so I'll browse thru that sometimes to help too.  btw are you following me on pinterest? I always follow boards back! My link is right on the left!

I'm gunna do a post soon with some recipe reviews and show you guys what foods I have been eating besides recipes and also what other fitness tools besides turbo that I have been using. I hope everyone else is having success, its not hard once you get your mind in the right place I know its hard but you have to really want it. I thought to myself today that my 25th bday is coming up quick a quarter of my life is gone, I am not getting any younger and I have spent the first 5years of my 20's trying to lose weight I don't want to waste time trying anymore! My life is going too fast and I want to be proud of myself and enjoy my body wear the clothes that ppl in thier 20's wear, be fit and sexy and just happy with the way I look before its too late so there isn't any better time but now!!!