Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Reflections....

So today is the last day of Feb it's crazy how fast this month flew by! I had a lot of success this month and it may be my best month weight loss wise. Of course not all months are perfect but I think I did so well because I set a goal for myself, and it was an important goal! As some of your probably read I really wanted to fit into this dress

It is my hubby and mine anniversary on March 5th and we are headed to vegas. This dress just screams vegas to me because it is so sparkly and flashy while cute at the same time when I bought it it was no where near fitting it wouldn't even zip up! So I told myself that I would make this dress fit me for our trip it was time to take my weight loss seriously and set a goal and hit it. I am tired of always saying I would lose weight and do nothing about it. So I set mini goals for the month I claimed it to be "fast food free February and alcohol free feb" I didn't go out to eat AT ALL except on Vday and today! Pretty much the half way point and the end of the month I didn't have any alcohol until tonight  and to be honest it tasted disgusting. Granted what I had wasn't that great but still it was just blah to me. I rather would of just had a shakeology for dinner and called it a night.

Dates are important and my hubby keeps asking if I would go on one and I finally gave in and said yes reason being is because


It finally zipped up yesterday fully and it actually feels a little big on the sides but I'm totally fine with it. I have never set a goal for myself and actually attained it. Now some of you may be thinking that since I hit my goal I am going  to loosen the reigns on myself and eat out whenever but that is not the case at all. It was more of a celebratory dinner and we went out to sushi and I didn't even eat it all or finish the beer I got. I stuck to healthy eating the entire month besides these two occasions. I literally tracked and measured every single thing that I ate I didn't have any soda at all not that I normally do and I only skipped one workout but doubled up the day after the day I skipped it I had one shakeology a day and had two snacks along with lunch and dinner and it made a difference pairing all that up along with my body bugg made a huge difference!

I really want to be at 155 by the end of March and feel it is completely doable I am honestly terrified of what vegas has in store for me. I don't want to ruin all of this hard work I have put in but its also vegas food wise i'm not too worried its more the alchohol that I think will be a problem but I am bringing my Turbofire with me and fully intend to do the workouts while we are there. we leave monday and I am going to do my w/o here before we leave, tuesday I can spare an hour and get it done, wednesday is rest day on turbo so that's easy and thursday I can do the w/o when I get home. In reality there is no excuse not to do the w/o so I am going to do my best. I still am super nervous and even thought of bringing the scale with me to keep me on track... (obsessive much)

what would you do with a vacation like this just right around the corner?

So I bought another dress for vegas today let me know if you guys like it!
It's a size small!!!

Can't wait to see what results March will bring!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Weigh in day and turbofire 30day progress pics!!

Last weeks weigh in: 166.8

This weeks weigh in: 164.2

Difference of: -2.6lbs!

I am finally at 30lbs lost and I have a reward to check off my list!!! A bigger loss then I was expecting especially since I was on my monthly time all last week and now. I was showing a gain through the week but somehow it changed. I think using the bodybugg has a lot to do with it. I was consistently eating around 1700 calories with the assumption that I was burning 2700 or more when in reality I normally don't so that has been a big wake up call for me.

As some of you proably have already read I finished my first 30days of TurboFire yesterday so this morning I took my measurements and progress pics:

   Day1:                                    Day30:
Weight 172.0                           Weight: 164.2 -7.8lbs
Chest: 33.75                             Chest: 32 -1.75
Hips: 40                                    Hips: 39 -1
Waist: 38.5                               Waist: 37.5 -1
Right Thigh: 23                          RT: 22.75 -.25
Left Thigh: 24                            LT: 23.5 -.5
Right Arm: 13                            RA: 12.5 -.5
Left Arm: 12.75                         LA: 12 -.75

Total loss of: 5.75inches all over
Total weight loss: 7.8lbs
 Here are my comp pics:

I swear I actually do my hair these are just taken first thing in the morning when I get out of bed! I don't notice a huge difference its mostly in face I think and a little in my butt but I'm happy with the progress I have made and I'm ready to tackle the next 60days!

I also took some comp pics from when I FIRST started this whole weight loss journey

I didn't take one today with my arms flexing

Did you take any pics from when you first started your journey???

Interested in doing TurboFire or any other beachbody product msg me!
Twitter: @gettinginshape1

Sunday, February 26, 2012

TurboFire update and some progress pics!

I just finished my last workout of my first 30days of Turbo Fire! I feel so awesome and so excited. I have never gone 30days through a program without taking some sort of break or eating bad or something. In these past 30days we went out to eat once (on vday) I haven't had any alcohol, and I only skipped one workout which was last Sunday when I was super exhausted after work but I did the workout I skipped on Monday along with the one I was supposed to actually do so I don't know if that should be considered "skipping" Anyway tomorrow morning I will be taking my 30day progress pics along with my measurements and I am so excited to see what it all says!!!

Here I am after my workout tonight

exhausted and soaked in sweat

calendar with all my days crossed off!

Here is more of what Turbofire is

Another thing is an update on my dress!! If you remember I bought a dress to wear in Vegas and it was no where near fitting... Here is an update

so close to have it fitting!
It's so close!!!! I have a week left to get it there I'll be trying it on again on Tuesday I hope I can get it to fit! After our vegas trip the next big event will by my hubbies dad getting married end of april so I'm going to be buying another dress to fit in for that!

According to my bodybugg program as long as all goes well I should be at goal by May 6th I don't want to set an exact date I just want to be there at least by Summer.

Here is another thing I am working on
love this bathing suit and can't wait to see how it looks by summer!!!

Hope everyone one had a fun and healthy weekend I'll be back tomorrow with my weigh in and measurement and progress pics!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


So I recently bought a bodybuggsp and hooked it up. I have been using it for about a week now and it has been awesome. I don't really understand how it works but pretty much you wear it on your arm and it keeps track of all the calories that you burn through the day so that you can create the proper deficit of calories to lose weight. I also have an app on my iphone that it connects with so I can watch what I burn at work. It tells me how close I am to my calorie burned goal and that makes me want to work harder to make sure I hit it everyday. I'm looking forward to seeing how much it ends up helping me to figure out EXACTLY what I am burning through the day...

Do any of you use a Bodybugg?

*Not paid or given a bodybugg to do this review just my own opinion about a cool product that I have

Monday, February 20, 2012

Weigh in day and exciting news!!!

Last weeks weigh in: 168.2lbs

This weeks weigh in: 166.8

Difference of  -1.4lbs

Another weigh in down and another loss! This brings my total weight loss to 28.6lbs so close to that 30lb mark can't wait to get there! How was your weigh in? I wish this would of have been a little bit higher but I had two days where I ate of plan for dinner. I tried to do my best and a loss is a loss so no complaints here!!!

So onto my exciting news!


I have been wanting to be one for a while now and so glad that I decided to if your not familiar with beachbody you can click on my link below but they are the makers of turbofire, p90x and insanity and many many more. Turbofire is the program that I am doing now and I love it so much! Today starts my week four on the program and I am so happy with the results that I have seen with my eating right and following the workouts. I have only missed one workout and that was last night : ( I was a little disappointed but I was super exhausted when I got home from work and fell asleep around 730 LAME! But I am making up for it today. Here is a little preview of what turbofire is

anyway so back to being a coach. So basically I get to help people reach their fitness goals by motivating them, sharing awesome products with them, helping with accountability (which we all need sometimes) and being there to answer any questions all for free!!! If you are ready to change your life and stop starting over and finally hit your goal let me take you there! They have awesome products like I mentioned above and the best supplements like shakeology!

If you want me to coach you click here!!

 for more info on shakeology or to purchase it click here!

I'll have another post tomorrow about another new product I purchased that is really helping me out! (none beachbody)

*beachbody did not pay me to tell you all these things I am legitimatly here to help

Friend making monday!!! Travel

click to join

1. Where did your most recent trip take you? The last trip I took would be a day trip to Jerome, Az

2. Is there a place that you’d like to visit that you haven’t yet? If so, where?I want to go to hawaii and haven't gone yet because I don't want to fly over water lol

3. Do you travel lightly, or do you cram as much into your luggage as possible?It depends on where I am going and how long it will be but I always bring a few extra outfits just in case : )

4. Do your eating and exercise habits change when you travel? If so, how? Normally I am very relaxed while on vacation but I am changing that when we go to vegas in a few weeks. I have worked really hard to get to the place and mindset that i am in right now and I don't want to have any do overs anymore and wanting to be at goal before summer

5. Tell us about a place you’ve been that you’d like to go back to. I would love to go on a cruise again and spend time in mexico it was so fun!

6. Do you prefer to travel at a certain time of year? No any vacation is good for me : )

7. If you had to choose, would you go to the beach or the mountains?The beach for sure but a cabin in the mountains is always relaxing and romantic

8. Have you ever needed a passport to travel? Yes when I went to mexico : )

9. Do you collect anything in your travels?I like to get shot glasses from new places

10. Where do you plan to go next? Next up is vegas in two weeks for our anniversary then a few days in a cabin before coming home

Now it’s your turn! Don’t forget to come back to share a link in the comments! Happy Monday friends!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

it's been a challenging week

This week has been good but also kinda bad nothing too extreme though. Tuesday was valentines day hubby had to work all day and of course I had the day off I went to school came home did my workout then headed over to zumba. I love the zumba class I go to it s so fun and the music they play is awesome. I don't really like zumba that is salsay kind of music (is that even a word) and this is more hip hop and current music which is cool and it makes it a lot more fun. So I get home and I really just wanted to have a shakeology for dinner and hubby asks me if I want to go out for vday. Now you may recall that I was on a no fast food feb or even going to restaurants but he wanted us to go out so I said as long as we go to sushi it would be ok since its fresh fish and I could take off all the rice off the rolls
so we left kind of late since he worked till 8 and got to one of our fave restaurants at around 845 and they normally close at 930 so we figured we had plenty of time and we figured we would beat the dinner rush. So we get there and they tell us the wait is about 30mins and if we wanted to order to go we could. I was a little surprised because normally they just take our name down so I asked her "are you telling us that either we get to go, or leave" and she replies yah pretty much (not in a rude way like in an intimidated way) so that sucked so we ended up going to another sushi place and ppl were walking in like 5mins before they closed and they happily sat them. I rather would of just had my shakeology lol but it was a nice treat to have a mid month date with hubby I made it two weeks on plan and had that one night with him and after that day would be another 2 weeks till we leave. Wednesday was pretty uneventful just had school work and my workout at home then Thursday hubby and I had the day off I had school in the morning and then came home and did my workout then we decided to go do indoor rockclimbing

I am terrified of heights and I was super scared to go on it but they pretty much made me there so we could practice safety so I got about half way up and was super shaky and sweaty but then told myself get over it I'm just fine and have fun and I made it to the top. Coming down was probably more scary then going up because you pretty much have to do a trust fall and the person below (my hubby) is feeding the rope to let me down. I definitely ended up having a lot more fun then I thought and would definitely  go back.

So that night it was my dads bday and of course we wanted to spend it with him and of course he wanted pizza and wings lol. before we went over there we stopped at the store so I could buy some salad and fruit to have with my pizza instead of wings. I had one piece of vegi and two small square peperoni it was super good but of course I rather would of gone without it. Its nice to see that I am learning how to portion out my food and not over indulge even though I probably could of ate way more. It was nice to have the fruit and salad with and while everyone was drinking beer and wine I stuck with my trusty water. It didn't even feel deprived at all its nice to have this determination again : )

Have you had any challenging times lately?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Weigh in day!

Two posts in one week wow look at me lol time for weigh in

Previous weigh in: 170.4 (1-18-2012)

This weeks weigh in:  168.2

Difference -2.2lbs

Well even though its a month later pretty much a loss is a loss and it's not going to go back up. I did see 167.0 on the scale a few days back but I guess that was a fluke but hoping for it to reappear and stay this week!! Gotta fit into that dress

How are you guys doing on your weight loss?

Friend Makin Monday! B4 photos

FMM: Before Photos

1. Are you on a weight-loss journey? Yes I am!!! Have been for about 2 years now. It saddens me to say that because it has taken me so long to get to my goal. I hope know that this is the year that I will get to it.

2. Do you like being in pictures, or do you shy away from the camera? I don't like having my picture taken if I don't know it but if it's a posed shot then I don't mind

3. Does looking at old photos of yourself motivate you? Not really but it makes me feel like I have accomplished something.

4. Weight-loss bloggers, do you post progress pictures on your blog? Yes I do! I wll be putting up some once I finish my first 30days of turbo fire. (starting my 3rd week today)

5. Will you share a before photo with us (even if you don’t have an after yet?)

can't wait for my comp shot after my first month is up!

Friday, February 10, 2012

its been a while....

I haven't been on in a while, well I haven't been on to post in a while. I read blogs everyday always trying to catch up : ) Ever since school has started I just haven't had much time to really get things done I'm always busy and when I have spare moments its 10 at night and I just want to veg. I have accumulated about 10followers in my absence which is weird : ) but I appreciate everyone following I promise I will try to be more active with my blogging. If you guys would like to know anything about me or my blogging feel free to comment, email on find my on twitter (right side bar)

So I had a whole week of a binge fest about 3weeks ago. Well didnt really binge per say but had healthy breakfast and lunches but we went out to eat for a whole week for dinner. While it was nice to have the time with hubby and have the date nights I didn't workout or anything so the scale crept up to about 174 only like a 3lb gain but still I was all out of wack and it wasn't good. I have a goal that I want/need to reach and acting like that isn't going to get me anywhere so I re evaluated and decided that I didn't give all that I could to turbo fire and that I need to start over and take everything more seriously.

So today I am on week two day 4 I have seen better results this time then I did last time and I'm really happy with where I am and the momentum I have built. I am doing fast food free february and also no alchohol I have done awesome so far and don't see any end to it in sight. I also started drinking shakeology and I have noticed a big difference in my digestive system and my stomach has started looking a lot flatter which I like!!

To keep me motivated to stick to everything I bought a dress for our trip to vegas in the beginning of March it doesn't quite fit yet but I think sticking to the turbo fire program (no skipping days!) drinking shakeology once a day and eating right it is possible... (I hope anyway)

not my most glamours moment

I hung up my dress next to my turbo fire calendar to keep me motivated

at the gym on my turbo fire rest day to get in some cardio

hubby and I on a hike

So I'm still here just haven't been writing I will try to be better at it. Also erin and sommer I will be sending out your prize this week sorry I majorly failed on that

Thanks for sticking with me I'll have an update on Monday with my weigh in!