Saturday, February 18, 2012

it's been a challenging week

This week has been good but also kinda bad nothing too extreme though. Tuesday was valentines day hubby had to work all day and of course I had the day off I went to school came home did my workout then headed over to zumba. I love the zumba class I go to it s so fun and the music they play is awesome. I don't really like zumba that is salsay kind of music (is that even a word) and this is more hip hop and current music which is cool and it makes it a lot more fun. So I get home and I really just wanted to have a shakeology for dinner and hubby asks me if I want to go out for vday. Now you may recall that I was on a no fast food feb or even going to restaurants but he wanted us to go out so I said as long as we go to sushi it would be ok since its fresh fish and I could take off all the rice off the rolls
so we left kind of late since he worked till 8 and got to one of our fave restaurants at around 845 and they normally close at 930 so we figured we had plenty of time and we figured we would beat the dinner rush. So we get there and they tell us the wait is about 30mins and if we wanted to order to go we could. I was a little surprised because normally they just take our name down so I asked her "are you telling us that either we get to go, or leave" and she replies yah pretty much (not in a rude way like in an intimidated way) so that sucked so we ended up going to another sushi place and ppl were walking in like 5mins before they closed and they happily sat them. I rather would of just had my shakeology lol but it was a nice treat to have a mid month date with hubby I made it two weeks on plan and had that one night with him and after that day would be another 2 weeks till we leave. Wednesday was pretty uneventful just had school work and my workout at home then Thursday hubby and I had the day off I had school in the morning and then came home and did my workout then we decided to go do indoor rockclimbing

I am terrified of heights and I was super scared to go on it but they pretty much made me there so we could practice safety so I got about half way up and was super shaky and sweaty but then told myself get over it I'm just fine and have fun and I made it to the top. Coming down was probably more scary then going up because you pretty much have to do a trust fall and the person below (my hubby) is feeding the rope to let me down. I definitely ended up having a lot more fun then I thought and would definitely  go back.

So that night it was my dads bday and of course we wanted to spend it with him and of course he wanted pizza and wings lol. before we went over there we stopped at the store so I could buy some salad and fruit to have with my pizza instead of wings. I had one piece of vegi and two small square peperoni it was super good but of course I rather would of gone without it. Its nice to see that I am learning how to portion out my food and not over indulge even though I probably could of ate way more. It was nice to have the fruit and salad with and while everyone was drinking beer and wine I stuck with my trusty water. It didn't even feel deprived at all its nice to have this determination again : )

Have you had any challenging times lately?

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