Friday, February 10, 2012

its been a while....

I haven't been on in a while, well I haven't been on to post in a while. I read blogs everyday always trying to catch up : ) Ever since school has started I just haven't had much time to really get things done I'm always busy and when I have spare moments its 10 at night and I just want to veg. I have accumulated about 10followers in my absence which is weird : ) but I appreciate everyone following I promise I will try to be more active with my blogging. If you guys would like to know anything about me or my blogging feel free to comment, email on find my on twitter (right side bar)

So I had a whole week of a binge fest about 3weeks ago. Well didnt really binge per say but had healthy breakfast and lunches but we went out to eat for a whole week for dinner. While it was nice to have the time with hubby and have the date nights I didn't workout or anything so the scale crept up to about 174 only like a 3lb gain but still I was all out of wack and it wasn't good. I have a goal that I want/need to reach and acting like that isn't going to get me anywhere so I re evaluated and decided that I didn't give all that I could to turbo fire and that I need to start over and take everything more seriously.

So today I am on week two day 4 I have seen better results this time then I did last time and I'm really happy with where I am and the momentum I have built. I am doing fast food free february and also no alchohol I have done awesome so far and don't see any end to it in sight. I also started drinking shakeology and I have noticed a big difference in my digestive system and my stomach has started looking a lot flatter which I like!!

To keep me motivated to stick to everything I bought a dress for our trip to vegas in the beginning of March it doesn't quite fit yet but I think sticking to the turbo fire program (no skipping days!) drinking shakeology once a day and eating right it is possible... (I hope anyway)

not my most glamours moment

I hung up my dress next to my turbo fire calendar to keep me motivated

at the gym on my turbo fire rest day to get in some cardio

hubby and I on a hike

So I'm still here just haven't been writing I will try to be better at it. Also erin and sommer I will be sending out your prize this week sorry I majorly failed on that

Thanks for sticking with me I'll have an update on Monday with my weigh in!

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  1. No worries at all. If it makes you feel better, you just reminded me I need to send out prizes for a challenge I had that ended in January...the first week of January. Oooops!! So trust me, I don't judge :-)