Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pop Chip giveaway winners!!!

So I know I am a day late or two on picking the winners but I finally got them!

Erin From 6month transformation is winner one (her number actually came up twice but to be fair I picked another number) and the second winner is sommer from loving as a ledbetter congrats ladies and send me your address and I will send them over!!!

Thanks to everyone who entered I may host another one when I hit 200 followers!


  1. HAHAHAHA this is awesome!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'll send you an email :-) I love that I double won, and appreciate that you wanted to be fair and share with another winner! Spread the pop chip love!!

  2. I love giveaways. Congrats on building your followers. How has the challenge been for you..? are you getting what you need out of it...? let me know how we can better support you and help you reach your goals...