Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weigh in day and scc check in!

so weigh in was monday but I didn't have time to make a post for it but here it is!

Last week weight: 170.2lbs
This weeks weight: 170.4lbs
Difference: +.2

Hubby and I went out to eat the night before and also had a couple of drinks probably a dumb thing  to do before a weigh in and it has since come down since then about a pound actually.

SCC check in time!!
 So far I am still down from the beginning I thought I set some weekly goals for last week but apparantly not so I will this week
  • lose 1-2lbs
  • keep under 1700 calories each day
  • No alcohol
  • No skipping workouts
  • Make 1-2 youtube videos


  1. I have done what u did eating out and it always catches me. Oh well.... we can and will rebound to a better loss. Here is to a great week.

  2. .2 isnt bad though. You have to have fun some time. hope you had a blast.

  3. You are maintaining not bad. Good goals for the week. You can do it. Eating out is my problem, I struggle with always eating at home. Keep up the good work and you will get there!

  4. Hey Girl!
    Just noticed that you're following my blog. So...I've just begun following yours! Can't wait to see the progress you make. Post away...I'm reading!

  5. Awesome goals for the week. I want to join a challenge, they're such a good way to stay accountable!


  6. At least its not a substantial gain! Get back on the horse and meet your weekly goals! :) I'm a new follower, enjoying your blog so far!

  7. That is pretty darn good for having dinner out and two drinks the night before weigh in!! Just imagine how good it will be next week!!!