Thursday, January 5, 2012

Popchip Review/giveaway

So I was given the opportunity to sample some popchips. I was given a box with each flavor then a big box with a bunch of random ones to use for a giveaway. Pop chips are great for the snacker that wants something salty but guilt free. I was hit and miss with the flavors that were given to me. I have previously had pop chips but just the salt and vinegar and I really liked those. I was sent out

Cheddar- honestly I was not a fan of this flavor it honestly had a super bad taste. I only had one and had to throw the rest out.

Original- this flavor had a good flavor I used them to scoop chili and I really liked it

BBQ- This flavor actually became my new favorite. It tasted just like a regular bbq chip without all the grease. If you like bbq then this is the chip for you

sour cream & onion- These were really good as well had good flavor a little bit of an aftertaste but nothing too bad

Salt and vinegar- like I previously stated I really like these ones. I really missed salt and vinegar chips when on ww cuz I didn't want to sacrifice the points for such a little amount.

According to the popchips website they have
0trans fat
0sat fat
all natural
fewer calories
more chips per serving
No fake colors
No fake flavors
no preservitives
No cholesterol
no greasy chip hands!

They were also nice enough to give me some extra to give away. I'm going to give away two boxes of mix and match flavors about 5 a box (I'm not 100% sure how many I actually have so it could be more) so if you would like to try them out enter my giveaway!

Each thing is one entry!
1.follow popchips on twitter @popchips
2. Follow me on twitter and leave me a comment about the contest tagging @popchips and @gettinginshape1
3.Tell me what your fave flavor of pop chips is or if you haven't had them tell me what one you would like to try
4. Write a post about the giveaway on your blog and comment with the link to your blog  showing you did
5. and of course be a follower of my bloggie : )

That's it!! I'll be picking two random winners on 1/24/12!!!


  1. I love pop chips!! salt & vinegar are my fave. I sprinkle lemon and some tapatio. yum!

  2. I love pop chips also the best one is sea salt and pepper mmmmmm

  3. I've only ever tried the bbq flavor and quite liked them. not as good as kettle cooked bbq chips....but waaayyy healthier option. I'd love to try the salt and vinegar. I saw they had a big multi variety box of these at costco the last time i was there. Didn't splurge though cuz we don't generally buy lots of chips to have in our house.

  4. I tweeted and tagged you and popchips in the giveaway.

  5. I love the salt and vinegar popchips!!

  6. Salt and vinegar are my faaaave.

  7. OMG I LOOOOOVE POP CHIPS. Funny what you said, the cheddar are actually my FAVORITE. I also love love love love love the BBQ. And I like the sour cream & onion too.

  8. Oh and while I try to keep my twitter totally separate from blogworld because none of my friends actually know about my blog (but they all follow my twitter), I can't do #2, but I've already done 1, 3, and 5, and I'll devote a post to you soon (and then post link here). Love the contest :-)


  10. I love love bbq popchips. They were my last remaining snack in the house.. but, I started to have 2 packs a night and wanted a 3rd.. so they had to go :((

  11. The original ones are my favorite! Theyre the perfect chip and have the perfect amount of salt. I'm not a fan of super salty chips so theyre PERFECT

  12. BBQ and sour cream and onion are my faves. Found this through Erin's post! Love me some Popchips!

  13. And... I've been following Popchips for a while.