Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Response to some bloggie comments (not negative)

I got quite a few comments on my last post and wanted to write some responses to them and I wasn't quite sure how to do that and I figured this is the best way. None of the comments were negative so its not that kind of post : ) I appreciate all my followers always leaving supportive/nice comments, no one has ever been rude : )

Karla: I totally get what your saying about not being able to track well when going out I always think the same thing but then my laziness gets in the way lol its easier for me to just workout when I get home to distract me : )

Sandra: It has been harder for me to lose the weight since I have gotten to the 166-170 range and I figured that was why but I still want to go down to the 140-145 range

Illiterate: thanks for the comment and supportive words : ) the scale is not mine I took it from google but I wish it was it's so cute!!!!

Thanks again for all the comments everyone I appreciate all your support even if you don't comment I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog!!!

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