Friday, May 4, 2012

a catch up post

I seem to always let life get the best of me for some reason and put off the things that are important. Insanity is going well we are on recovery week today and I really needed it. I hurt my back last week doing something and could barley move... well I think I pulled a muscle or had some sort of back spasm so I had to skip 3of my insanity workouts since I couldn't even get off of the toilet without wincing... but haven't skipped with recovery week and even started up Brazil Butt Lift this week too! I did a shakeology 3day cleanse where basically you have 3shakes a day along with a piece of fruit and a salad with 4-6oz of white meat for dinner and I lost 4lbs and have yet to gain any of it back!!! I had some bad eating during the weekend because it was my father in laws wedding and he paid to have us stay in a hotel for the weekend which was amazingly nice since it was in the same city but no healthy food around. So the cleanse helped me get rid of any extra weight I would of put on and got rid of all my bloat issues so that was nice!

Our pool is very close to being done and I will post pics with the yard when all of it is set can't wait to get in it... hubby already has but we haven't had it cleaned since they finished and I feel weird about any kind of dirt in water lol It took us 3days to fill it!

Hubby and I went shopping last night and restocked our fridge with a bunch of fresh yummyness got a bunch of chicken some ground beef and lots of fruit and vegetables. I'm gunna start my new series of making one new pinterest food recipe and reviewing it along with pics starting Tuesday and first on the menu will be avocado hummus!!! Let me know if you have any healthy pins you would like me to make and review also you can follow my pins here! I'll always follow back! I love to see peoples ideas and always looking for new recipes!


  1. Three days to fill the pool?! That's insane haha!! I'd love to read about new recipes you come up with. Good luck keeping up with Insanity :D

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