Thursday, May 24, 2012

Everything is going great and a day of eats!

Everything has been going good since I restarted on Tuesday haven't missed a workout and have been feeling great. After I wrote my post yesterday I was feeling awesome I ate all my meals at home but then was faced with a huge temptation in the evening. I went to a conference type thing for work at 7 and they were serving buffalo wings, mini pizzas, spinach dip, cheese and crackers, chicken kabobs and sliders. Complete opposite of what I wanted to eat and was exactly what I was talking about in my post earlier in the day. My hubby was there too since we both work for the same company and he was eating away at that stuff. I told myself I didn't need any of it and I ate a granola bar that I had packed in my lunch from earlier that day. It was hard for me to not say oh just give me that I'll restart tomorrow but I have changed the way I thought and told myself "you don't need this food, you just ate lunch not too long ago, it will just turn into waste and add on unneeded extra weight" and I didn't eat any of it. I was pretty proud of myself : ) Now if I can just keep on doing that hitting goal will be a lot easier then I think : )

Also Normally on days where hubby and I have the evening off together the first thing I think of where is it that we should go eat? But today it was different it didn't even cross my mind and I am super proud of myself for that. I ended up making a super yummy dinner with food we had in the fridge : )

Today I had a total of 1433 cals here is what I ate for the day. Here was my breakfast
pineapple, and cantalope, 1/4cup egg white, mushrooms, spinach, and 1 egg with black beans, english muffin and green tea

lunch was chocolate shakeology, with keurig mocha and 1/2cup milk

Dinner was chicken with panko, 1/2cup of baked beans, 1/4 cup of brown rice, pan fried egg plant and some grape tomato

This dinner was so amazingly good I also had a string cheese for morning snack and chobani for afternoon snack. Its crazy how much you can actually eat if you choose the right foods!

I updated my pounds lost and pounds to go jars since I changed my goal and my weight has been fluctuating so much I decided to update it. Can't wait to see the pounds lost higher then then pounds to go. I really like having things like this to help keep me accountable its nice to have different kind of measurements of my weight loss. Do you use anything like this?

found this idea on pinterest
 I also decided I'm going to take a picture of myself everyday before my workout to help keep me accountable and also I want to make some kind of flip book kinda thing with my progress. I'm not happy with how my bod looks now but I know in the end I will be and I love to see before and afters so I need to make sure I have pics for my before!

how often do you take progress pics of yourself?


  1. Hey Christina where have u been? Come back and blog!!!

  2. really happy to discover yr blog today;)
    keep going dear! u r so pretty btw^^

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