Sunday, February 26, 2012

TurboFire update and some progress pics!

I just finished my last workout of my first 30days of Turbo Fire! I feel so awesome and so excited. I have never gone 30days through a program without taking some sort of break or eating bad or something. In these past 30days we went out to eat once (on vday) I haven't had any alcohol, and I only skipped one workout which was last Sunday when I was super exhausted after work but I did the workout I skipped on Monday along with the one I was supposed to actually do so I don't know if that should be considered "skipping" Anyway tomorrow morning I will be taking my 30day progress pics along with my measurements and I am so excited to see what it all says!!!

Here I am after my workout tonight

exhausted and soaked in sweat

calendar with all my days crossed off!

Here is more of what Turbofire is

Another thing is an update on my dress!! If you remember I bought a dress to wear in Vegas and it was no where near fitting... Here is an update

so close to have it fitting!
It's so close!!!! I have a week left to get it there I'll be trying it on again on Tuesday I hope I can get it to fit! After our vegas trip the next big event will by my hubbies dad getting married end of april so I'm going to be buying another dress to fit in for that!

According to my bodybugg program as long as all goes well I should be at goal by May 6th I don't want to set an exact date I just want to be there at least by Summer.

Here is another thing I am working on
love this bathing suit and can't wait to see how it looks by summer!!!

Hope everyone one had a fun and healthy weekend I'll be back tomorrow with my weigh in and measurement and progress pics!


  1. Holy. Shit. You're doing awesome!! You look amazing and the commitment to the beach body program is AMAZING! You truly are an inspiration and if anyone would be an awesome beach body coach its you!

  2. Great job the pics were awesome you can def see all the work you are doing is paying off

  3. The dress is looking very good on you. Great job!

  4. You look amazing and you can see your hard work.

  5. You are doing so amazing! Way to go. I am at a standstill actuall going back up darn two weeks of bad eating how do I get remotivated?