Monday, February 20, 2012

Weigh in day and exciting news!!!

Last weeks weigh in: 168.2lbs

This weeks weigh in: 166.8

Difference of  -1.4lbs

Another weigh in down and another loss! This brings my total weight loss to 28.6lbs so close to that 30lb mark can't wait to get there! How was your weigh in? I wish this would of have been a little bit higher but I had two days where I ate of plan for dinner. I tried to do my best and a loss is a loss so no complaints here!!!

So onto my exciting news!


I have been wanting to be one for a while now and so glad that I decided to if your not familiar with beachbody you can click on my link below but they are the makers of turbofire, p90x and insanity and many many more. Turbofire is the program that I am doing now and I love it so much! Today starts my week four on the program and I am so happy with the results that I have seen with my eating right and following the workouts. I have only missed one workout and that was last night : ( I was a little disappointed but I was super exhausted when I got home from work and fell asleep around 730 LAME! But I am making up for it today. Here is a little preview of what turbofire is

anyway so back to being a coach. So basically I get to help people reach their fitness goals by motivating them, sharing awesome products with them, helping with accountability (which we all need sometimes) and being there to answer any questions all for free!!! If you are ready to change your life and stop starting over and finally hit your goal let me take you there! They have awesome products like I mentioned above and the best supplements like shakeology!

If you want me to coach you click here!!

 for more info on shakeology or to purchase it click here!

I'll have another post tomorrow about another new product I purchased that is really helping me out! (none beachbody)

*beachbody did not pay me to tell you all these things I am legitimatly here to help

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