Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day one is in the books!

So I completed day 1 diet and all. I think Power 90 is definitely up my alley I really like it. It's not as intense as P90X but still gets me sweating and tired. The diet was good easy to follow but hurt my wallet. I bought so many random things that I have never heard of or ever purchased in my life, but the food was so good! Protein shake for breakfast, nuts for snack, then I had chicken with spaghetti sauce and Parmesan cheese on a bun for lunch. So amazingly good. Dinner was interesting the ingredients called for beef, orange marmalade, stir fry sauce,  cayenne pepper, and beef broth. To be honest when I read the recipe it sounded awful but it all came together and tasted amazing!  I'm excited for tomorrow I'm ready to get the ball rolling. Hope you all enjoy the journey and thanks for reading and sharing my experience with me!!

New blog I'm following!! ( Nice name) : )


  1. Wow good job! You don't have nearly as far to go as me, so whenever you get depressed about the length of the journey hop over to my blog!!

  2. A new Fat to Fit Blog Hop linky has just gone up.....

    Diminishing Lucy: Fat to Fit Blog Hop

  3. Found you on the blog hop! Best of luck to you!


  4. Hi
    good luck to you. now following you from fat to fit.


  5. Good luck!

    I found you via fat to fit :)