Saturday, July 2, 2011

changing it up... will I ever get it right?

So I decided to make my final weigh in date change. I haven't been losing at all for pretty much the last 2-3 months and that's around the time I changed my weigh in from Sunday to Wednesday. I changed it from Sunday originally because I was holding back on what I was eating on the weekends because of my upcoming weigh in but now that I moved it to Wednesday I feel that I overdo it on weekends a bit thinking that I have a few days to work it off or get back on track. I was consistently losing when I had my weigh in on Sunday so I'm bringing it back! I feel it will get me to my July goal of getting to 160 or hopefully even less. I'm ready to hit my 3rd mini goal on ww of 157.

I did ab ripper x yesterday and as always it was a killer. My next day is going to be Monday so it matches up with my bootcamp class that I will try to talk myself out of. Tomorrow we are going to my parents for dinner and swimming I'm glad I'll have a ww companion there to help keep eating in check. Then Monday we are having a few friends over so I get to control what foods we eat which is nice. What are your plans for the weekend and are you worried about going off plan?

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