Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm ready for this month!!

Attended another day of bootcamp today and it was exhausting. I once again had to talk myself into going because I was tired this morning. I really need to go to bed earlier the nights before my class. It was a class filled with get up sit ups, fire hydrants, mountain climbers, mason twists, and a bunch of other painful things. Yet I was energized and happy I went when it was all done. Funny how that works. Last night it was my hubby and my 3yr dating anniversary. Does anyone else celebrate that even though your married? We did some bad eating of course but whatev got right back on plan this morning. Here are some pics of us before we left:

he never knows what to do with his hands lol

shirt is a size m and a little big!!
We had to stop by my moms house to get my pineapple corer and she surprised me with these!
ww serving spoons
These are super awesome!! They are 1 cup, 1/2 cup and 1/4 cup. So you can measure stuff out and be discreet about it if your hosting. Does anyone ever get weird looks when they are measuring out there stuff with guests around?

I put up my new goals for July. They are pretty much identical to my ones from last month but I added in ab ripper x that hubs and I are doing 3x a week. I printed out an activity calender from here! she puts up a new one every month and they are always so cute and they help keep me motivated check them out!! I think July will be a good month for me. We are starting to save money since I will be going pt at work starting in August so I can attend court reporting school this fall. That means no more going out and focusing on saving since I will be working less hrs. Which in turn means for days I will be sticking to points+ and getting activity in! We have a family vacation planned for the end of the month to stay up in a cabin with my family but my mom is on ww too so we will be trying hard to plan healthy meals! Can't wait to get away!! 1 day down 30 to go for July can't wait to meet you mr 160lbs!

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  1. I have the WW serving spoons from when I was a member a couple years ago. They are an ugly blue plastic though. I like yours much better!!!!