Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Is there ever a too much?

Is there a such thing as going to the gym too much? My hubby and I workout at the same gym but I feel that he puts going there over me all the time. I admire his dedication but at the same time if I ever want to go out on dates or anything and he has plans to go to the gym I get put on the back burner and that it is more important. Does anyone else have this issue? For example tonight I wanted to go out for dinner and he says no because he has gym plans but this happens all the time. I told him that I feel like he always goes and he said I need to understand that he has plans. He works out with a buddy there so it makes sense but I don't feel like going sometimes and just want to hang out together. I guess its better that he says no so we don't eat out but I dont feel that its fair he is there 5 out 7 days mot weeks and its not like we can workout together... does that seem whiney? I guess I'll be going to the gym tonight after work : ( being lazy stinks lol


  1. I get where you're coming from, but I'm leaning more towards your hubby on this one (sorry!).

    I do the same thing sometimes to my husband, he just ends up going out without me. It's fine with me, and what we've started doing is planning ahead with our dates. It makes me much less cranky and him happier :)

    I hope this helps. Don't look too deep into it, even if you're not as dedicated to the gym as your husband, at least you're getting there!

  2. That sucks, and I totally get where you are coming from. Is there a way that you can work out together? Maybe have him show you some (modified) weight moves he does? Also work out a schedule, so you know when he'll be going to the gym and when you can have him all to yourself.

  3. Reading this post got my attention ~ not because I've actually been in the same place as you but because it rings a bell somewhere in the back of my head. I can "feel" it with you as I read...
    Maybe it is a learning experience or maybe you could look at it as a test. Since you are newly married (it appears) much of how you handle these things now will affect your relationship long term. I'd say, give in and be sweet about it then try to communicate to him how you need time to spend with him. Admire him verbally. But I don't want to write a chapter to you. These are just a few thoughts. I'll tell you one thing, doing the Husband Encouragement Challenge was one of the best things I could have done in my early marriage... I learned a lot! And our relationship (though beautiful before) began to become what every girl dreams of in marriage! He wanted to be with me more than anything else.

  4. Perhaps you could make a date that involves activity so you guys get the best of both worlds? Maybe a hike with a picnic at the end? Or walk to your favorite dining place?