Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Getting back into it...

So last week was a disaster when it came to working out. We had the goal in mind to make everything up but life has just been so crazy and we are always getting pulled in different directions. When it came to doing yoga I seriously was not in the mood for a 1 1/2 hour workout. We had somewhere to be at 10 and hubs wanted to take me to dinner which was a suprise that I couldn't say no to! So we decided to pass it to saturday then saturday came and I fell asleep at 6:00. I had been going to bed everynight before around 1 am so it finally caught up with me. Then Sunday came and we both had to work since we are going to have this weekend off so we sat there and said forget it lets just repeat last week this up coming week and no skipping whatso ever! So yesterday was core synergistics I got pooped pretty quick. Its crazy how if I dont eat a lot of calories I get tired during the workout but when I eat enough I can keep going and dont feel tired at all.

Today is Cardio X if I work out right when I get home it makes things so much easier. I get in get it over with and have hubby to realx with all night. Also I stepped on the scale this morning and it went down about 3lbs!!! Spark peopel has me do a weekly weigh in under the same conditions. So I usually do it in the morning. I know thats when I'm at my lightest but I figure those conditions are always the same I was so excited!! I was just complaining to Steve about how i wasn't losing any weight and how can someone do p90x without any change and BAM there it was!!! That drives my intensity and my want to work out. Also we just booked a mini vay-cay for my bday where we will be sitting pool side the whole time so I want to try my hardest to look better before that happens!

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