Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Burning some goop....

Yesterday was a brutal but satisfying day... we had skipped Tuesday because we got invited to go to a dinner for a friend then Wednesday was our day off of work and ended up skipping again. I had a hair appointment and then we went and registered for school and that took like seriously 4 hours but I'm happy we got it done! Looking forward to getting into school again and that hubby made a career decision. I was worried that it would never happen and we would be stuck in our mediocre jobs.

So I ended up not doing cardio X and also skipped shoulders triceps and chest... I was disappointed in myself but I knew if i was tired I wouldn't give it my all. So we were going to just continue and do evertying on sunday. (the two we missed) so on Wednesday we felt good enough to do the cardio and the tricep exercise and knocked them out. It was awesome!

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