Thursday, October 6, 2011

another day the same routine

So everything has been going good with my 2 a days I have been doing 30-45 mins of cardio right after school around 1030ish then heading back again around 730-8ish that's where I will do a 20min interval cardio warm up and then do a weight routine. I found another app through women's health that has a lot of workout routines and I tried one last night and I am pretty sore today. Last night I was having some tightness in my hip and knee and I did some stretching and it felt so good!!! I was worried that I may have injured myself but I may have overdone it a bit so today I skipped my first cardio workout of the day but I am going to go tonight after work to get in some cardio and possibly some weight lifting not 100% sure yet. I am super tired today I think my body wants a break lol. Tomorrow I have a long day at work since I work for att and its iphone preorder day and we are expecting it to be busy so tomorrow I will take a rest day to recoop.

Last night I made salmon in a foil pack and it turned out so amazing and moist!! Normally when we cook salmon it comes out dry and blah but we will be doing this for now on. I have been sticking to my points just fine. Its funny what being kind of broke will do to you. Vegas is a week today and I want to lose another 3lbs 5would be ideal but not realistic. I want it to stay off and not come back.

I signed up at anytime fitness today with an actual membership my two week trial one ran out so I am signed up for the next 11months! I hope that I am for sure at my goal by then lol I am assuming it will happen by the end of the year but you know what they say about people that assume.... lol I was thinking the other day about how I only had 20lbs to go and that I wanted to be in the 150's by the end of the month and it made me kind of nervous to think at that point I will only have 10lbs left to lose. I have been working at this for so long what happens when I get there. It has always seemed so far and distant when in realtiy it could be that way in 3months ; /. do you ever think about what it will actually feel like to hit goal?? does it make you feel nervous???

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  1. Hey, just a quick question. I have all of the HG cookbooks and I have made a few recipes out of each of them. Is there a place online that will give you the new PointsPlus values for her previously published recipes or are you just using the old points system?

    I love reading your blog and I am glad you are back in action :)