Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's just gunna be poop anyway....

That is my new go to saying that I tell myself when I see something I want to eat or something is calling my name. If I shouldn't eat it I tell myself it is just going to be poop anyway... makes sense right. It has helped me a lot with making better choices.

Sorry for the absence I just got back from vegas where we went to another wedding... yes you read that right another wedding... that makes 5 for the year and thankfully no more but then of course we come up to the holidays... Last week was a total disaster for me as far as eating and working out goes. I different days that I had to work so that threw off my schedule we didn't have any food in the house since we were going to be gone for the weekend we didn't want to go to the store. Technically we had more then enough things to make if we put some effort behind it but for some reason hubby and I were just off. Then of course the weekend was a disaster. There was booze, booze, booze, fast food, and more booze. Don't get me wrong we had a great time but it was just terrible. When I left the scale was showing me 169 which is high for me. I thought it was because of the weight lifting I had done the previous week but it never went back down. When we got back home I went to get on the scale and the battery was lo so it wouldn't show me a reading. I think god just didn't want to disappoint me ; ) So I tried it the next morning and it worked but showed me 172!!! That number has not been seen by these eyes in a while. I figured it would take me a few days to get the sodium out of my body and regulate everything (if you know what I mean) so I spent the next few days eating as best as I could and drinking a ton of water. This morning I got back on and it showed me 169.4. So making progress! Now just need to get back into working out (going to the gym tonight) and everything should be ok.

I set up my goal for thanksgiving I would like to be at 158 or lower. Completely do able if I just get myself focused and back into it. So I'm heading to the gym tonight! No distractions are planned until thanksgiving and I have ww/hungry girl recipes that I plan to make to defeat temptation. I'm also going to try and not drink anything until then with the exception of a ladies night party I am hosting but they will be hg drink recipes so I know the exact p+ of it!!! We went to the store and bought a lot of food last night and I can't decide what to eat!!! Made some new snack items I will be sharing with you guys once I make a few!

Is it hard for you to get back on track after a bad weekend or vacation?

Have a good day and remember it's just going to turn into poop anyway!!!!


  1. I'm rejoining ww on Monday! Cant wait to get back on track!

  2. Yup, sucks after having a bad week and vacation. You can do it though. I see you at your goal by Thanksgiving!