Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ww day 3

Sorry if this is becoming a lot of the same thing but it helps keep me accountable :-) today I felt a little bit lazy but told my self no excuses all they do is bring fat! So I went to the gym and had an amazing workout! I did a 15min cardio warm up broken down into a 5 min warm up and running for 10@5mph Then I went into my Bride work out day two. I added in an extra ab workout and two glutte exercises. After I did that I finished it up with another 15min on the treadmill doing intervals. Intervals on the treadmill make time go by so much faster when doing cardio and I really enjoy it. I want go do other cardio routines at the gym besides the elliptical and treadmil but not sure what else to do any suggestions? I was thinking of getting a jump rope and bringing it since they have a fairly large work empty space plus a whole fitness/mirror room I could go into even though I'm normally one of the only ones there when I go. Which I love! It's nice not having to wait for a machine I can work out in the center and dont have to worry about any juice heads judging me and I can go at my own pace.

Eating was good today. I didn't really have a plan so I just threw stuff together. For bfast I made a egg white omelet with mushroom, broccoli, and turkey topped with ff cheese and salsa with an iced coffee I made and paired it up with a pineapple chobani that I ate when I got to school. I had some grapes and a banana for snacks during the morning/mid day and had lunch around 230ish. I had a smartones mini cheeseburger those things are so small and they are 5pts I think it's actually a huge waste of pts and I won't be buying those again but I paired it up with broccoli covered with ff cheese and pasta sauce and a glass of milk and a couple strawberries. I was getting hungry around
6ish and I had to eat so it would be digested by work out time. I didn't really have a plan for dinner so I had some brown rice with 2oz of ground turkey and broccoli topped with BBQ sauce. It was so random but really good actually. I had a couple pts left so I had a smart ones dessert and it was so yummy!! U probably notice my mentioning of smart ones I noticed them in store for the first time the other day and noticed ww made them. I picked up a few dif kinds that are low in sodium and not to many points and I really haven't been disappointed.

What is ur favorite smartones?

Here is a pic from my work out too :-)

I hate how my belly looks I need to shrink my midsection oh if only I could spot reduce :-( but as u can see the gym is pretty much empty!

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  1. The Smart Ones Potatoes and Cheese are the best!!! lol