Monday, October 3, 2011

Why must they get my hopes up!!!

Today was a good day! Yesterday not so much when it came to dinner time. My mom made the most amazing enchiladas and pulled chicken (like pulled pork) sandwhiches... interesting combo I know and of course made brownies for dinner. Now no one is aying that I had to have any of it but of course I did. I got my butt to the gym this morning after school though and did a 5k. I do about a half mile warm up and then run for a mile and try to do more if I can but end up usually walking the next half then running the final part again. I usually do it at 5.2speed and it works out fairly well. I really want to be able to run the entire thing by the end of the month!

I went to Golds today to cancel my membership and they told me I have to mail in a certified letter letting them know I want to cancel. Seems like a crok to me but we will see how that goes. While I was there I asked who would be teaching the 530 zumba and they told me it was the girl that I like! I was super excited and thought to myself well if she is back then I don't need to cancel... Well I show up at 530 and it was the other lady that I don't like so that was pretty much the final straw for me... We did get hubbies rate lowered for the monthly service by almost $10 so that helps make up how much the new gym is going to be costing me!!!

We went grocery shopping today and I got some new breakfast foods. Tomorrow I will take pics of all my eats for you guys!!! Have an amazing night!!

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