Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Some days you feel it and some days you don't. I weighed in on Sunday with a gain of 2.5lbs. I was doing double workouts last week so I don't know if I was retaining water with working the muscles but it was really discouraging. I skipped Friday because I had to work late, then Saturday we went to dinner with friends, which I think may of have affected the weight gain since I hold onto sodium so bad then Sunday we went and had dinner with my husbands dad and his gf. I think I may change my weigh in day again so that I have realistic results since it seems that every Saturday night either friends or family want to get together and do something and that always messes up my Sunday weigh in. At the same time I don't want it to be an excuse to eat whatever on Sat since it would be changed. I'm kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place right now with what to do lol. I was thinking of going back to a Tuesday or Wednesday weigh in. Thoughts??? I don't think I will be at the goal I set for myself by Friday but I haven't gained anything either. so after Vegas this weekend hubby and I are doing a ten pound before thanks giving. Where he wants to gain 10 and I want to lose 10 before thanksgiving that would put me only 10lbs till goal and at 155. Crazy huh!!! Anyone want to join in?


  1. I would love to join you :) Ten pounds by Thanksgiving seems like a totally reasonable goal!

  2. Hey Christina! I am at 65.8 kg right now and am planning to be 55 kg by the 8th of November I don´t know if that helps with joining in? I´m on the Cambridge Weight Plan and its day 5 for me right now. But I´m rambling lol. Good luck with your 10 lbs!

    x Carla (love the lay out of your blog btw)

  3. I'll join in, new follower here. I love a challenge :)I have my weigh ins on Monday mornings, it's tough following the weekend sometimes but I know I need to do it for the accountability.