Monday, October 24, 2011

ww day 1

so today was my official restart to ww. i weighed in at a saddening 169.8 and my five percent goal is 161.1 hoping to be there soon!!! I told myself to treat this how I did when I first started ww in december of last year and lost my first 20lbs. im ready to be in maitnece already (who isnt) lol. I hit my 29pts just fine but did not go over. I hit my good health guidlines and got in my activity. I found a challenge on ww for 12weeks. its made for brides preparing for their wedding day but who cares :-) its nice to have a program to follow for the next 12weeks with structure. That will take me into the second week of January if everything goes according to plan, hopefully I am at goal by then!!!! after that my next plan of action is to take on new rules of lifting for women. Even if I am not at goal I hopefully should be fairly close and I think that would be the best thing to do to build up my muscle tone and help keep me in maintenance :-D Tomorrow is just my cardio day so I am planning 30min treadmil intervals and 25min elliptical. My excitment and determination are high like when I first started and I cant wait to see the scale go down!!! I also got a mini notebook to carry with me to write down everything i am eating and what activity I got in. Even though I track online I think keeping a mini notebook with me will help keep me more accountable and in tune with what I am eating and why I am eating things.

If u do ww online do u still write down what u are eating anywhere?

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