Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Back to the grind

At jury duty during lunch with some time to spare figured I could get in a quick post. Hubby and I went to the grocery store yesterday almost $300 later and we got our supplies! I couldn't believe how much we spent but it's been about 3 weeks since we have gone and we should be good for a while. The sad thing is is I forgot a few things that I need to get shouldn't be too bad though. But while I was at sprouts yesterday I did come across this

This stuff may be my new fave thing. I am a big fan of peanut butter and to add chocolate to it I'm in heaven!! It's only 2pts+ per 2tbs when normally I'm using 5pts+ for the same serving on other types of peanut butter. This seriously reminds me a resees peanut butter cup so if you have a sprouts go get some k! You won't regret it.

I attended zumba last night after a while of not working out. I was so glad to be there I love that zumba class so much and I was able to get a spot in the front row! Tonight I'll be heading to another zumba class just a different location. The lady that hosts it charges $5 a class per person she bought an old Hollywood video store and put a big piece of wood in it for her stage and we all dance on the carpet in front of her. Its no contract and no extra fees you come and go as you please. This class normally has around 60-80+ people in it a night she makes so much for money for something so simple it's crazy!! I should do it! But she is awesome at it. Not everyone is good at teaching zumba but I have always been happy with hers.

So at my crazy grocery store visit I got some fruits and veggies to use with my jack lalane juicer. This morning I made this

It's hard to tell what it looks like but it's a mix of 1cucumber, 1squash, 1zuchinni, 4carrots, 1red apple, and one stalk of celery. Sounds crazy huh it actually wasn't too bad I think if I put one more apple in it it would have been really good. I drank probably 3/4s of it but after that I couldn't do anymore the celery taste surprisingly was the most dominant and I couldn't get over it at the end.

Last thing :-)
I forgot to mention before but my giveaway applies to us residents only sorry for any inconveinace and all the "qualifiers" are not required each one earns you your own separate entry feel free to do one or all! If you have no idea what I am talking about go back one post and it should be there!! Have a great day!

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  1. With chocolate!!!yowsa!! I may need to find that!! I love peanut butter but I swear the stuff contains concrete!! I always gain when I eat peanut butter, never fails. Maybe thats why I love the lowfat peanut bitter frozen yogurt :)