Monday, May 2, 2011

May Goals

Alright lets try this again folks... once again I had a pretty crappy month last month. I don't get it I want the goal I get happy when I get results but one thing just ruins it for me and then back on track then bam off track!! I wanna stay consistent!! I'm so close to goal I can taste it and I know how and what to do to get there!! So May your mine!!

May goals:
  • 2 New recipes a week
  • Zumba whenever I'm off by 6
  • Strenghth training 3days a week
  • Shred at least 3days a week
  • Get under 165lbs
  • Track everything


  1. Good luck with your goals! :) I think these goals are great and totally doable!

  2. your blog motivated me to do the same...i'm heavier than i ever was and i really need to do something about it..i'm only 21 years old 163cm high and weight 70kilos i mean omg..and i'ts all on my stomach and i have old lady arms - chicken wing and a but like an orange (not that juicy but that rough) so thank you for doing this u are a motivator for us all :)