Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A few of my fave kitchen gadgets!

 I love learning about different products people use in their everyday life to making cooking time easier So there are a few gadgets that make my life easier in the kitchen that I wanted to share!

My jack lalane juicer. This makes juicing fruits and veggies so easy! I got it for free from my mom who didn't use it anymore and I love it!!! I have made a ton of stuff with it. It is kind of a pain to clean but it can be done within mins!

This is eggbert he makes hard boiled egg slicing so much easier!!! I always had a hard time slicing eggs and this does it perfectly!

My steamer! This was given to me for Christmas and at first I was like what a weird gift! But I actually use it about 5days out of the week! It makes the best steamed veggies and rice!! I have also cooked fish in it and it's delish!!! Makes my life a lot easier I just cut up the veggies put the water in it and walk away until the timer goes off

My washable smoothie, juice, water, pretty much anything cold I drink cup. I love this cup so much its so versatile and perfect for smoothies because it has a little stir type thing on the bottom.

My camelback water bottle. It holds quite a bit of water. I like how it has the straw thing on it since I normally use straws even with my regular drinks. I like I can drink out of it hands free since you just have to bite it. (lazy i know)

This is my wine bottle opener. It's super awesome and it also has a foil cutter that comes with it. You just stick it on the top of the bottle and hit the bottom arrow and it takes the cork out its super easy for someone like me who can't work any other kind of bottle opener

my pineapple corer. You just cut off the lid and twist this around in it and it leaves the core in the pineapple and takes out the rest. Its so easy to use and to cut after you take it out!

and last but not least my food scale! Love this thing! It has been a lifesaver and has helped me out a lot. I'm not one to really "eyeball" stuff and I am super anal and I want every measurement to be perfect so this has helped a lot!
 *this is all stuff that I have purchased or received from fam on my own these are just my opinions to help ppl no reimbursement has been done :-)


  1. Hey, recent follower here :)
    You have the coolest gadgets, I'm jealous!

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