Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Weigh in day

So today was my weigh in as you may recall from last week I weighed in at 168.4 but had been seeing 166 and 167 the whole week. Eating had been a little off over the weekend. Friday hubs and I went out to dinner had a lot of carbs but nothing to crazy. Saturday ate well until dinner, friends came over and had some pizza, wings, and redbull and vodkas :-(. Then Sunday came along I woke up a little hung over and went to church. We had a super busy day and didn't get to eat until around 4 and i was starving! So needless to say my points were all over the place this weekend. So I get back on track Monday but my weight had gotten back to 170 I was pretty nervous since I had seen 166.4 only a few days ago. I figured I had some water retention going on but the next day my weight was the same! So I got to drinking water eating super clean and as healthy as I could. I thought I was going to bomb this weigh in but I got on the scale and it read 167.4. I actually was super disappointed that I couldn't get it down to 166 or lower. So I imput it into my weight tracker in ww and it told me I had hit my 10% goal! I was like wait is that right? I had been so mad about not being 166 or lower that I had completely forgot that I had hit my second goal. So I sat there and thought about how I have been trying to get to this point for a while and I finally hit it!! I set my next goal to 155.4 and I can't wait to hit it!!

Moral of my long story: you may not always get the weigh in you want but look at the small goals you have set for yourself and always look back at how far you have come up to this point!!

Second thing: I did some shopping over the weekend and wanted to get some shorts. It's already getting hot here in az so it's shorts weather. I found a couple of pairs I liked that were on sale but wasn't sure what size to get. I had recently been fitting into 11's so I thought I would grab some 10's and see how that went. Worst case I'll save them to fit into later. So I get home try them on and they fit perfectly!!!! I was actually shocked and super excited. I really want to out of double digit pants/shorts and I'm almost there!!

Picture of me and my grandma

This is a screen shot on my phone sorry for the black box this is a new shirt I got too!! Love it


  1. :) I can relate to this post! congrats on your 10% loss! If I had a lower weigh-in before official weigh-in, I often forget that I still show a LOSS but I wish it was slightly lower!

    Happy Hump Day! Love the pix!

  2. 10% loss is awesome!! Keep at it, and in no time you will hit 155!! :)

  3. Go 10% :) you look fantastic!

  4. Hi there! Congrats on your loss and 10% goal!! I also have a blog similiar to yours so feel free to check it out and follow me! it's Take care and nice meeting you!

  5. Congrats!!! Isn't it wonderful to get those small Achieves!!! WTG on those shorts too!!! WAHOO!!