Friday, May 13, 2011

winner announcement!!

Congrats to my 100th follower!!!!
send me your address and full name!!!

So on my previous post I mentioned that I couldn't pick a winner since blogger erased my posts well it decided to work again but that didn't make a difference since it deleted the comments but I also get email notifications of all my comments. So I counted it all up and went to (couldn't figure out how to get a pick of what it came up with help????) it drew #8 so the winner is

Becky @ !!! congrats girlie email me your full name and address for your water bottle and workout movie then let me know what mag you want the subscript too!! it may be a couple of days before I ship it out since I am waiting for the bottle to arrive.

So for those of you who may count to double check she wasn't in the exact place but people who mentioned posting my blog counted as two and my name doesn't count (christina) : ) thank you to everyone who participated I may do another give away at my bloggies one year anniversary mark in June

(winners you have until end of day May 16th to email me!!!

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