Thursday, May 19, 2011

A bad Sunday but good workouts to make up for it!

So I started off this week pretty bad on Sunday I went on a I don't care what I eat thing but just for that day. It was my bros bday and my mom had everyone over. I started the day out good I made breakfast and even used a ww recipe then I had some fam come over and they wanted lunch I had a couple of turkey hot dogs no buns or anything just to hold me over until dinner. They wanted to order pizza so we ordered domino's Brooklyn style pizza. Of course me and my inability to say no to food, I had one and a half slices. I wasn't too impressed and it was 7pts+ per slice!!! Needless to say the rest of the day was downhill. So we went to my moms for dinner with the family She made tacos which were pan fried and we had guacamole, salsa, veggie tray all good stuff but also had a lot of alcohol available. I had 2 cocktails mixed with vodka which are 5pts+ per shot. Then my mother wanted to do a couple shots of tequila rose... I would assume that's 5pts+ per shot too. Then dessert came and she bought cheesecake and yes I had a slice and yes it was amazing. Needless to say I was not feeling well that night killer stomach ache! I know I did it to myself and I was fully capable of saying no to any of that food but I didn't want to I guess. I'm not mad about it I had fun but I knew it would reflect on the scale which wouldn't be good, along with my lack of working out last week. I hang onto sodium like no ones business so I was happy I had a few days until weigh in. When Tuesday rolled around I was still seeing high numbers and it worried me I knew I had ate a lot that one day but not enough to add up to 4lbs on me. At that point I decided to change my weigh in to Friday not that I was trying to hide from the weigh in, I just wasn't convinced it was my true and accurate weight. I think Friday will work better for me that way I will have my full point load right before the weekend starts, so if any activity presents itself I have the spare points use. So I decided I should get on the scale on what my actual weigh in would of have been on Wednesday and I was at 167.6 only a .2gain which was a lot better then before (I'm telling you sodium is the devil to my body) butit's not my official weigh in since I changed it. I feel that this weigh in day will benefit me the most.

Now in regards to working out I have been spot on this week. I guess I was motivated again to get that number down. It's crazy what a little number can do to you. So Monday I went to Zumba and took the dogs for a walk, the Tuesday I went to spin express. It's been a while since I have done spinning and I really felt it the next day between my legs from that dumb seat. I was having a hard time keeping up and I was getting super tired but felt awesome afterwards. Wednesday I thought I was going to go to zumba but my mom wanted me to do her nails so she was going to come over but canceled last min so I didn't get to do either. So I decided to go out on a run with my cousin around 930ish. It was super nice out and I ran farther then I ever have before outside without stopping!!! Definitely going out and doing it again tonight since the next two days are going to be a little hectic with graduations and stuff. All my activity is making a big difference on the scale. This morning I saw the lowest number I have seen on this journey but I'm not going to say anything until tomorrow so I don't jinx myself!!! Wish me luck!!!

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  1. Sounds like you've had a great week, and way to get back on track!!! Can't wait to see what you're number will be tomorrow!!