Monday, November 22, 2010

You can't have one without the other....

So my eating hasn't been great since Friday. Hubby and I started our stay cation and whenever we are off together we get lazy and never cook. Friday we went to chilis and shared a whole order of the Texas cheese fries. Then I had a quesidilla explosion salad. I didn't have very much of it and when I felt full I opened a sugar packet and put it on it so I wouldn't eat it just to eat it. Lame I know but it works from me. I also had one glass of red wine, but we didn't have the dessert like we normally do. Then Saturday I had a breakfast sandwich from my meal planner and a cup of coffee. For lunch we went out with some friends and we went to miracle mile. I had half a turkey sandwich with fruit instead of fries and a water. It was hard not ordering the fries but I knew it was better for me. Then for dinner my parents had a birthday party for my bro and I pretty much blew it. I had a plan and I still lost control. I had a hamburger with cheese and ketchup, two hot dogs with no bun, a little bit of mac and cheese and a little bit of pasta salad. Two shirley temple vodka drinks, and then to top it all off had a piece of white cake with strawberries on top. I don't know why I do it to myself I go the whole week eating awesome not falling off at all and blow it all in one day its ridiculous. So moving onto Sunday I didn't have breakfast because I woke up late and had church. My mom and dad wanted to go to lunch after church so we went to golden corral. In case you didn't know it's a buffet... A fat girl who is trying to lose weight worst nightmare lol. I think I handled it pretty well. I wasn't going to let the night before throw me off. I had a salad, a tiny square of meatloaf probably 2x2 and some mashed potatoes. Not to bad. I wanted a dessert and had a 1x1 brownie and half of a sliver of a sliver of cheesecake. I tried to choose all the smallest options available. I figure if I want to taste something, not to deprive myself just make sure its the smallest option that way I don't over indulge. Theennnnn for dinner that night we wanted to do a date at the melting pot, our favorite place! So we didn't have wine, and I had the vegetarian option in the boullion but of course we had the chocolate. So then today just to put the icing on the cake we didn't have breakfast and ordered pizza for lunch supreme so we got our veggies in lol. Then for dinner we had ramen without the powder stuff and topped it with lean ground beef. So I blew it and it sounds that much worse seeing it written out. It's our last vacation until next year so in a way I'm ok with it. I didn't skip any workouts since Saturday was my rest day and then Sunday I did Start it up and slim in 6pack. I also did my work out today and it felt great. I got on the scale this morning and saw that it went up not surprised since it is my totm. It started yesterday and I haven't had it in two months so I'm all bloated and feeling blah so I'm looking forward to what the scale says when this is all done.

So no more vacations and holiday's don't make a difference for us because we don't travel anywhere and sweets are never around except for the two actual days of getting together. So I think we are good for staying on plan food wise until the new year are going to be good! Anyway I took the pictures that we took when we started p90x back in July (but didn't finish) and made a comparison to my before pics for slim in 6 that I took a few days ago.

A noticeable difference but a long way to go

So this is the change of 4 months I hope I can see more differences by the new year!!!


    1. Well look at you! Loving the tats btw.. :)

      You can definitely tell the difference 4 months makes.. plus, you are standing taller..

      Good luck with the holidays.. you and your hubby can power through.. :)

    2. I can see some definite changes! Looking great!